Las Vegas will soon have another landmark to rejoice over. Steve Wynn, the chairman and CEO of Wynn Resorts briefed reporters on Thursday, the 26th October 2017 about his plans for the new Paradise Park Project. Wynn said the new project is based on a Carnivale theme and has 47 storeys comprising of 1500 rooms. The work for the new project is all set to begin on Jan 3rd.
Main Attractions
The earnings call report that came out on the afternoon of Thursday, the 26th October 2017 featured details about Wynn’s exquisite project. The hotel is supposed to house an hourglass –shaped lagoon surrounded by a long boardwalk. Keeping the carnival based theme in mind, the developers have planned a nightly parade of floats on the lagoon which is going to offer an interactive spectacle.
Steve Wynn also told reporters that the carnival themed project is yet to be named but it has been decided that it will be a solitary building comprising of a casino and a hotel. People visiting the hotel can also experience the thrill of riding a carousel that protrudes into water. The Carousel is designed to house a bar in the center with various Pullman Booths alternating with the horses. A 20 foot dock with which one can access the carousel is another major attraction for the folks. Bumper car junkies can enjoy driving cars that emit colorful bursts of LED lights and varied music when they collide with each other.
In a statement, Steve Wynn, Chairman of Wynn Resorts said “There will be 10-12 floats in an audio-visual parade every night right after dark. That parade is a musical and visual extravaganza, but it’s not the Rose Bowl parade. It’s a much edgier kind of thing with huge spiders with spider webs, and King Kong and the devil and these things are 25 to 30 feet tall and they’re animated.”
The Floats are designed to contain wheels as well as propulsion systems and at a time some 12 people can get in them and enjoy both a drive and a sail. This concept is based on the famous “Masquerade Show in the Sky attraction” which closed its doors in 2013 and will be a revenue generation attraction for Wynn Resorts.
The enchanting property will also have Ziplines that surround the 1600 feet lagoon and helps in commuting between all the 3 properties that is the Wynn towers, Encore and the Carnival themed hotel. The lagoon is designed to be 650 to 700 feet wide which eventually narrows down to 250 foot as it nears the Desert Inn Road on the northern edge.
Bumper Cars
Steve Wynn is known for being very enthusiastic when he describes a new project and it was no different when he opened up about his plans for the bumper car concept. Wynn told reporters that one can sit in a bumper car for 10 to 15 minutes and keep going round and round until their car touches another one which will then create an audio visual delight. He also said that there will be 3 police car look alikes that will have cops who in turn will try to crash your car if you happen to be leading the race. However those who manage to win in spite of all this will be rewarded with a prize. Wynn has focused on adding a number of exciting non-gaming attractions as they will bring in a new audience who have interests apart from gambling.
Paradise Park – Great Location
The Paradise Project is expect to provide tough competition to its counterparts the Encore and Wynn towers which are now counted as the 4th and 5th tallest buildings situated in Southern Nevada. Wynn further went onto confide that the new building is about to come up in a strategic place surrounded by famous and upcoming landmarks such as the Las Vegas Convention center,  Sands Expo and Convention Center , the upcoming Madison Square Garden entertainment venue which is being developed by the Sands Corp and Resorts World Las Vegas. These properties will ensure that there is no dearth of traffic to the new Paradise Park project.
Steve Wynn said that the management are happy with the Carnivale themed project and the board of directors will review the project this week.

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