Steve Wolansky, a poker pro hailing from Cooper City in Florida and winner of a World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2014 gold bracelet, won the Borgata Fall Poker Open 2014 $1 Million Guaranteed Championship, for which he won $330,887, the biggest cash prize of his poker career.

The runner-up of the event Taylor Von Kriegenbergh won $186,046. The players who finished third and fourth were Larry Abrams Mahwah, who won $119,601, and Paul Volpe of West Chester, who won $95,016, respectively. The players who finished fifth and sixth were Brian Altman of Longmeadow and Josh Spiegelman of Mullica Hill in New Jersey, who won $74,418 and $61,129, respectively. The players who finished seventh and eighth were Daniel Buzgon of Margate in New Jersey and Daniel Chan of New York who won $48,505 and $37,874, respectively. The players who finished ninth and tenth were Jack Duong of South Plainfield in New Jersey and Mark Sykes of Worcester who won $26,578 and $17,276, respectively.

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The ten finalists returned to the final table action on Day 4 with Larry Abrams as the chip leader. Mark Sykes, the player with the shortest stack, was the first to be eliminated. He was soon followed by Daniel Chan and Jack Duong, after which Buzgon was eliminated.

Buzgon played his last hand at level 27 when the blinds were at 25,000/50,000/5,000. He had an Ace of Diamonds and a Ten of Diamonds against Abrams Ace of Hearts and Queen of Diamonds. When the board turned up a King of Diamonds, a Jack of Clubs, a Seven of Diamonds, a Three of Hearts, and an Eight of Spades, Buzgon had to leave the table.

The next three players to leave the final table were Paul Volpe, Brian Altman, and Josh Spiegelman. When Abrams busted, Wolansky and Taylor Von Kriegenbergh began playing heads-up against each other. The final hand was played at Level 32, and things began heating up when the flop showed a Nine of Spades, a Seven of Clubs and a Five of Clubs. The pre-flop action had already put two million chips in the pot. Von Kriegenbergh decided to check and Wolansky placed a bet of 1.125 million chips. Von Kriegenbergh responded with a check raise to 2.3 million, and Wolansky bet all in. When Von Kriegenbergh called, he expected to get a Flush Draw, but the cards were not in his favor, as a result of which Wolansky emerged as the champion.