Several news sources have been buzzing about the possibility of and Playersonly exiting the US market. Although this is unconfirmed information, and Playersonly may indeed be already deciding to shut down their US operations and leave the market. The poker websites that fall under these two domains constitute approximately seven times the traffic on the Merge network, which is also shared by yet another top player, However, Carbon poker has decided to stay on and sustain its operations in the US. In addition to this, is one of the largest online sports betting entities ever known and its operations are worth a billion dollars.

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The idea of carrying on operations in America despite the recent legal regulations after the US authorities decimated the three most popular online Us poker sites has left the people involved in the poker industry speculative and bereft. According to sources, the above mentioned websites like Playersonly and are expected to begin exiting the American market by stopping new US players from joining; this will be put in place from the first of May, 2011.

It is also expected that and Playersonly will carry on as at present and permit the already registered, existing US players to make a deposit and play from their own country. After PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker were shut down by the FBI, it looks as if the people who are taking the hit of ‘Black Friday’ of the poker industry are not only the websites but the new US players who want to sign up and start playing poker.

As of now, both Playersonly and have a big set of poker players who are registering as new players following the seizure of Pokerstars and Full Tilt Poker in the US market on fifteenth of April, 2011.

According to another source, in the light of the recent indictment and the ceasing of the “Big 3” on April 15th, and the capturing of a gamut of bank accounts of the same, Playersonly and were taken aback by the actions of US authorities. As a result it is very likely that and Playersonly will have ordered associates and advertisers to stop all their promotional activities.

Both the websites could not manage the sudden influx of new poker players who wanted to register with them because of the absence of the other three websites. Also, both the sites evidently wanted to avoid the sudden focus on them in such an erratic and controversial phase for the gaming industry as a whole.

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