Eighty billion is a huge number, and it is almost impossible to think of 80 billion hands being played, but online poker players at PokerStars will never be able to forget the number eighty billion because the online poker room gave its players a number of attractive chances to win big money when its 80 billionth hand was being played.

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Funex700, a Spanish online poker player at PokerStars won the 80 billionth hand when he was playing at an NL Texas Hold’em table with limits $0.10/$0.25. He won a pot of $179.88 plus an extra $22,940 because it was the 80 billionth hand. Besides, the rest of the players at the table won their share of $10,000 just for being part of the historic PokerStars 80 billionth hand.

It was mid-afternoon in Madrid when the 80 billionth hand was dealt on PokerStars. The players were amazed when a pop up informed them that they were the lucky players who were being dealt PokerStars 80 billionth hand. Needless to say, many of the players got emotional and the messages in the chat box, given as follows, shows exactly how they felt when they were told that they were going to play the historic hand.

“Starfighte86: OMG
PatrickStoia: yes
Starfighte86: this is so wonderful
Starfighte86: i could cry :P”

When Funex700 won the hand, his table mates broke into excited chatter, many of them unable to believe their good luck.

The 80 billionth hand is not the only exciting thing happening at PokerStars at the moment; online poker players have two more mega online poker events to capture their attention—Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) and the Limit Hold’em Challenge. SCOOP 2012 commenced on May 6 Sunday at 11:00 a.m. ET. The event comprises 120 online poker tournaments and an incredibly large prize pool of $30 million. Just before SCOOP commenced on Sunday, Daniel Negreanu began playing the Limit Hold’em Challenge against rUaBot.

PokerStars is home to some of the hottest poker action in the industry. For instance, now that the 80 billionth hand has been played and won, eager PokerStars players are waiting for the 85 billionth hand. Home to professional as well as recreational poker players, seasoned players as well as beginners, PokerStars has something for everybody in terms of cash games and tournaments, promotions and bonuses. The highlights of PokerStars are a first deposit bonus of $600, an excellent customer care team, and 100 percent security.

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