According to a third study conducted by the Spanish Direccion General de Ordenacion del Juego (DGOJ) on its online gambling industry, the average Spanish poker player is well-educated, below 34 years of age, male, and less prone to become a victim of problem gambling when compared to those who play other online casino games.

The DGOJ team interviewed as many as 1,027 Spanish online gamblers, who had played for real money online at least once during the previous year, before reaching this conclusion. In addition to online poker, the study takes into consideration other forms of gambling such as sports, bingo, casino, and lottery.

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The study indicates that online poker players in Spain are more educated that those who play other online casino games. Fifty-two percent of Spanish online poker players are university graduates, and nine percent of them have obtained a post-graduate degree. In comparison, only 48 percent of online casino players are university graduates and only 8 percent have obtained a masters’ degree.

The Spanish online gambling industry is male dominated, more so than other online gaming markets as 81 percent of those who play online poker in Spain is male. Most online poker players in Spain are young, and 68 percent of them are below 34 years of age. On the contrary, 78 percent of online slots players are below 34.

Usually, Spanish online poker players play poker for around one hour at a time, which is more than the time spent by online casino players. Eighty-three percent online poker players said that they prefer playing for at least 60 minutes each time they play poker. On the contrary, only 58 percent of bingo players and 57 percent of other casino players play for an hour at a time.

Spanish online poker players also play more than other casino players. While 17 percent of them said that they play every day, 39 percent said that they play every week. In case of online sports betting, only 11 percent bettors said that they wager on sports every day and 50 percent said that they wager every week.

Forty-seven percent online poker players said that they could immediately stop playing in case of personal or business issues, but only 30 percent online casino players and 27 percent online slots players could say the same. Although they play more than online casino players, they are less likely to end up as problem gamblers.

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