Despite the recent scandal involving Sorel Mizzi buying an account late in a high stakes tournament from former Bluff Magazine Editor Chris Vaughn, Mizzi has been on an absolute online poker rampage taking down tournament after tournament on Pokerstar’s High Stakes Showdown.

This Sunday, Mizzi took down yet another High Stakes Showdown tournament when he defeated his opponent “Dariominieri” in an intense heads-up battle. His prize: a cool $25k. Ever since the inception of this tournament Mizzi has been anything but beatable. No other regular player on this tournament has come even close to matching this young Canadian online poker superstar’s consistency.

According to statistics taken from, Mizzi has been declared the winner of this tournament no less than six times since its inception on July 8th, 2007.

Moving in reverse chronological order, his victories have unfolded as such:

On December 16th, he took down the 4-man Showdown for $25k.

Last week, on December the 9th, he took down the 2-man Showdown for $20k.

On December 2nd, he placed second in the 8-man Showdown for $30k.

On September 23rd, he took down the 8-man Showdown for $50k.

On September 9th, he came in second in the Showdown for $15k.

On August 5th and August 12th, Mizzi took down 8-man fields both weeks for $50k cashes.

And finally, on July 15th, Mizzi took down the 16-man field for a total cash of $72k.

Such an impressive track record is no small accomplishment. $312k is a respectable chunk of cash winnings for any player and Mizzi is barely old enough to go to Vegas. Although the current ongoing scandal has damaged his reputation among many players in the poker community, Mizzi is playing poker like a man who has something to prove.

Eventually the poker world may forgive him for his past sins, but either way Sorel Mizzi is not going anywhere. This talented young player is playing fierce poker and veterans online should beware: now that he is banned from one website, it just means you’re more likely to face this tough player on another site.

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