Player slow_gherkin completed a stunning come-from-behind victory against massive chip leader HeavyB111 to win the $66,000 prize for outright victory in the July 27 Party Poker $215 $300,000 Guaranteed Weekly No Limit Hold’em Tournament. Here are the top ten finishers and their respective payouts (all dollar values are in USD)

1. slow_gherkin $66,000
2. HeavyB111 $33,000
3. xprimex $20,700
4. tsarremi $16,350
5. Santiago36 $13,800
6. kasiiino $10,350
7. ItsJustPaper $7,950
8. geirto_ $5,250
9. Berlin49er $4,050
10. gizzer11 $2,850

The July 27 Party Poker 300K featured 1400 players and an overlay of more than $20,000. The tournament began at 12:45 pm EST and ended a little bit after 8:30 pm EST.

For the fourth week in a row, a player’s reluctance to make a deal cost them dearly. This week, after entering Heads up play with approximately 5.5 million of the 7 million total chips in play, eventual second place finisher HeavyB111 refused to even look at a deal despite his significant chip advantage. 63 hands and 4 suckouts later, slow_gherkin had completed the huge comeback to take home the $66,000 outright first prize money. While the exact numbers of the deal will remain forever locked, it is estimated that should the two have ratified the deal that Party Poker would have put forth when slow_gherkin suggested as much, HeavyB111 would have walked with as much as $77,000. For a full recap of the July 27th PP 300K final table, follow this link:

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