New innovations in digital entertainment are threatening the future of the slots industry. Slot developers can no longer rely on their familiar methodology of developing and launching slot games like before. We take a look at what slot developers need to consider in order to continue to stay relevant and keep up with the new demands of slot lovers.
Innovation Must Be Embraced
Online slots developers have seen a fall in customer engagement, partly due to the rise of alternative forms of digital entertainment which is not only attracting a new generation of slot gamers but also capturing the interest of devoted online slots players.
A handful of new entertainment offerings which are easily accessible via smartphones and tablets have interactive capabilities that allow consumers to influence how the story progresses. One example of this is American media services provider Netflix which is now allowing viewers to determine the outcome of some of its movies and TV series.
Since the online slots industry started, it has remained focused on building better slots with a fixed methodology. Slot developers are guilty as they have not done much in terms of exploring new ventures that would regain the interest of hardcore slots players who have now shifted to new forms of online entertainment that are more challenging and stimulating.
With several leading casino brands now reporting a fall in KPIs for customers aged betweem 18-24, it’s about time the industry comes up with a new gaming option that will cater to both new customers and traditional slots players. One of the companies that share these views are Green Jade Games. Their Managing Director Benedict McDonagh recently opened up on what he thinks slot developers need to do to address a new customer base.
Interaction And Entertainment: Major Keys
The popularity of social gaming, which focuses on player engagement has enabled entertainment and gaming providers to rethink their strategies and approach. While slots developers have tweaked some aspects of their products in order to deliver the same thrill and anticipation as can be experienced in playing video games, they have failed to appeal to wider audiences.
McDonagh said what currently captures the attention of a wide range of players are entertainment offerings with narratives that can be influenced by the players themselves. Most of today’s players are ultimate thrill seekers who want to immerse themselves in every story they’re following.
McDonagh said if the slots industry manages to combine that ultimate thrill with real-money wagering, it will have a promising future in the competitive digital entertainment sector.
There is currently no such option in the market today that offers a customer-influenced story  while adding a wagering feature as a side treat. McDonagh thinks the slots developers should consider filling this gap.
This idea will not only establish a connection with the non-casino players but also ensure the devoted slots players stay in the game.
McDonagh said developing slots with a narrative that can be arranged by the players, while also allowing them to wager on the outcomes, will be a hit for both the people who gamble semi-regularly and those who are into social games. This will also be an additional treat for regular slots players.
Twitch and eSports have proven that streaming technology can be integrated into gambling. Slots developers can very much bank on these two potential markets if they know what to do and have good success if they develop the right kind of games for their market.
Appealing to traditional slot players who have now turned to the more compelling, modern form of entertainment, as well as attracting players of all ages who are non-casino players is one tough task but there is a solution.
Develop A New Genre Of Games
McDonagh believes the only way to do this is to come up with a whole new genre of casino game that focuses on storytelling as well as allowing players to choose their own storylines. The new game should be more on entertainment, but still offers wagering on the side. Players should be allowed to take full control of each character. It should have streaming capabilities and offer features that will attract the online audience.
Gambling and entertainment is the perfect combination, catering to a huge range of players including casino players, lottery dreamers and video gamers. The online casino industry should now shift its focus and take advantage of the situation if it wants to have a future in the highly competitive digital entertainment sector.
McDonagh said the changing behaviors of customers must not be seen as a barrier towards the industry’s sustainability. It should instead be taken as a challenge to develop new and efficient strategies that will enable it to stay ahead of the competition.

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