The "sit-and-go" tournament is a more informal type of event, since their schedule is indefinite.  Usually these events have just one or two tables some sites offer up to five table sit-and-go’s. You can choose from a list of sit-and-go events at the tourney lobby and they cover a wide variety of buy-ins. As soon as enough players sign up for a SNG event, it starts hence the name sit-and-go.If you want to improve your tourney experience SNG’s are a great way to do it.  Many players use these tournaments to build their bank roll.Since there are fewer players in these types of tourneys as compared to larger guaranteed events, people can play several in one day.They are an excellent way to get “final table” tournament experience as well, since you basically start out a final table in single table events. 

A great site to try the SNG action is at Party Poker. They have enough traffic to keep SNG’s constant and loose.The single table tournaments are fast paced, constituting of ten players, and can help you build a good account balance since the buy-in is minimal:  they pay to 3 of 10 players.This is a key factor to determine why they are so profitable in terms of value/cost.

Party Poker offers a really neat feature which allows you to resize the table up to 1024×768.You do so by using the maximize button; or just grabbing and dragging the edges of the table with your mouse, and making them the size you want them to be. It is real handy if you are multi-tabling or multi-tasking while player online poker.

Two hints that you can apply while playing in a Sit-n-Go they are: aggressiveness and position.Aggressiveness refers to playing good hands all the way.Blinds start small, so if you have a good hand go for it.Don’t hesitate to raise up to five times the big blind, if you have a good hand.That way you will protect the hand.

Position refers to seat position relative to the dealer button.A basic strategy is to play only premium hands when in an early position since you do not have enough information on the other player’s cards i.e. you can not get a read on your opponents since they have yet to act in the hand.In middle and late positions, you can risk to play more marginal hands, since you have a better sense of what the other players might be holding.A combination of aggressiveness and position will provide you a stable and rational game.

Party Poker has two great features to enhance your online poker experience: rematches and replays.

·       Rematches: If you end a heads-up match and want to get back on the same table with your opponent, now you can do it. Party Poker presents the option to you and your opponent to rematch. If you both accept, the game begins. 

·       Replays: the other new feature that Party Poker offers is the option to immediately sit at another SNG tournament.This new feature allows you to play frequently by avoiding the hassle of going to the lobby and finding another Sit n Go, one click and you are back in the action.

Playing at Party Poker with their new features will definitely make you an avid Sit- N- Go player.They make it fun and easy and if your good you can build up a good bankroll dong it.Do not throw your money a way… make a “sure bet” check out Party Poker Sit-and-Go tournaments.

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