Nancy Cartwright, the seldom-seen voice of television cartoon character Bart Simpson, is inviting anyone and everyone to her home on December 15 for a night of charity poker.For a $75 donation to Happy House, guests can participate in a poker tournament, as well as help themselves to a barbecue.This is the second charity poker event Cartwright has hosted recently, the other benefiting the Devonshire PALS (Police Activities League Supporters) Youth Center in September.

Happy House strives to help people implement healthy practices and habits in everyday life to “build a better family.”It is the belief of Happy House that better families will lead to stronger communities, ones where people can “trust one another and not live in fear.”

The organization uses twenty-one common sense values contained in the booklet “The Way to Happiness” as a base.It is mailing one million of these booklets to households in the local area as a precursor to the charity tournament.

Guests who do not wish to play poker are welcome to attend for a $25 donation.

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