Over the last few years, the term “Game Theory Optimal” GTO has created a significant impression in the world of poker. This unique strategy allows you to bring your A game to every poker session you take part in, enabling you to manipulate the game and your opponents to the point that they eventually make mistakes, all to your advantage. Moreover, GTO also prevents you from being exploited by other players as play progresses, improving your win rate.
While the benefits of GTO poker are widely recognized nowadays, most players still do not use this optimal strategy due to lack of knowledge. In fact, GTO concepts are only fully understood and applied by high-stakes professionals. Thankfully, GTO training tools and applications have now been developed to better educate players, both the beginners and the more advanced pros alike, about how and when the strategy should be used.
Less Complicated GTO Training
Among the leading providers of advanced poker solutions for calculating GTO strategies is Simple Poker. The poker training website offers various poker solvers and packages with pre-calculated optimal strategies that can be applied to different poker formats, all aimed at helping players improve their game and make a profitable career out of it.
In early 2017, Simple Poker introduced its very own GTO software program named Simple GTO Trainer. The training tool is built on calculated solutions from the solver and enables users to go on an extensive optimal strategy training by allowing them to play against a GTO AI. The application is easy to use, so regardless if you’re an amateur or an experienced pro, this GTO program will meet your needs!
Main Features
The main focus of Simple GTO Trainer is to allow users to learn optimal strategy through real playing sessions and practice scenarios. There are different modes to choose from, all of which are based on solutions that are calculated in solvers. Users may also come up with their own GTO solution and training drills, which will ultimately help them better-understand the basic concepts and elements of GTO.
Simple GTO Trainer comes with an automatic real-time feedback system that monitors your play, tracks your ranges, analyzes your actions, and compiles a report in relation to your strategies, errors, and losses. Every training session is analyzed by the software in real time, enabling you to fix your mistakes and effectively avoid them during your next drills.
The tool allows for repeated practice of certain skills such and provides a comprehensive analysis of your range balance and strategy. It will then come up with aggregate data regarding your training results, balance, and range composition, which will enable you to identify areas for improvement.
The UI is simple and easy to navigate, but does not lack the important elements that will help you monitor your own progress. You can make use of charts, tables, and graphs to closely track your performance.
Simple GTO Trainer is powered by the Simple Postflop engine, which is among the most advanced GTO solvers in the world. You may load your own custom solution files and use them to improve your training. The software is also compatible with PioSolver, a Hold’em preflop solver.
Training Packs
Simple GTO Trainer offers a wide array of training packs which can be applied to different poker variants like cash games, multi-table tournaments, heads-up cash, 6-max, as well as Spin & Gos. If you want to get started on your GTO training, you may purchase one of these training packs developed by game theory specialists and highly-experienced poker pros.
The trainings come in two different formats — regular and drill. In regular training your opponent will play against you by strictly following a GTO decision, while you are given the option to choose between suggested actions. The software then analyzes your chosen action, compares it with GTO strategy and sends real-time feedback on mistakes committed during the session.
Drill training allows users to repeatedly practice certain actions, such as dealing with c-bets on the flop. This type of training considers the frequency of the action based on GTO strategy.
Simple GTO Trainer is fit for players of all levels, and especially helpful for players who are new to the GTO play style. If you are keen on improving your game, you might want to immerse yourself in regular practice sessions through this user-friendly software.
Simple Poker is currently working on further enhancing the software and what it can offer. For the latest updates and details on how to get started, visit the Simple Poker website.

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