Until Wednesday, the schedule for Full Tilt’s FTOPS VIII listed twenty-four events, but three of them were enigmas.These three events, listed as “Mystery Tournaments,” were scheduled for specific days and times, but players did not know what kind of tournaments they would be.

As FTOPS VIII kicked off Wednesday with the $750K guarantee no-limit Hold’em six-max tournament, the Mystery Tournaments were revealed.

The first will be held on May 8 at 21:00 ET.Hosted by David Pham, it will be a $535 buy-in, no-limit Hold’em triple shootout with a $300K guaranteed prize pool.The second will be on May 11 at 14:00 ET.This one will also be $535 and will be a no-limit Hold’em shootout with a $250K guarantee.Last year’s National Heads-Up Poker Championship winner, Paul Wasicka, will serve as host.The third and final Mystery Tournament will be hosted by Markus Golser on May 15 at 14:00 ET.For $216, players can compete in a no-limit Hold’em six-max quadruple shootout.

Wednesday featured one tournament to start the ball rolling.Two more will be played Thursday – a $256 pot-limit Omaha knockout tournament and the previously mentioned first Mystery Tournament.

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