A lot of the top poker players in the world love to engage in prop bets that often take place in the spur of the moment. Most of these bets don’t get any media attention as it takes place behind closed doors and stays that way unless and until something goes wrong. However, some poker players like Bill Perkins and Dan Bilzerian, like making their prop bets public as they like the publicity.
Shaun Deeb Prop Bet With Tony Miles
Poker pro Shaun Deeb was traveling with 2018 WSOP Main Event runner-up Tony Miles when the two decided to enter into a prop bet over a casual lunch. The two were playing at the WCOOP event in Scotland when Miles got to talking about his passion for the reality show American Ninja Warrior.
Deeb put down an interesting prop bet where he dared Miles to get on the show and clear one round. The American Ninja Warrior reality show is a really gruelling TV show where competitors have to go through a series of physically daunting challenges and obstacles, complete that leg of the course and hit the buzzer to proceed to the next round.
The show has a strong fan following in America and thousands of players apply to be a part of the show and most of them don’t get selected. Deeb and Miles agreed to a three year time frame where the odds for the bet would move from 25-1 during the first year, 20-1 during the second year and 15-1 during the third year.
Miles agreed to put down $5,000 which meant that if he won during the first year, he would get $75,000. If he ended up losing the prop bet at the end of three years, he would have to pay Deeb $5,000.
Deeb took to social media in 2018 to make the bet public and Miles acknowledged the prop bet.
American Ninja Warrior – Controversy
Fastforward to 2021 and both poker pros find themselves in a situation that is not pleasant and controversial. Miles managed to get on American Ninja Warrior in 2019 but he ended up failing. He tried once again to get on the show as he was keen on taking part on a show he loved but also wanted to get another crack at winning the show.
He was confident that American Ninja Warrior might give him another chance because of his recent popularity of finishing as runner up at the 2018 WSOP Main Event and also because of the buzz on social media created by the prop bet.
Miles did get invited again to be a part of American Ninja Warrior but there was a lot of stuff going on in the background. Miles met with a serious motorcycle accident that resulted in a dislocated clavicle. He had to work real hard in physical therapy to regain full mobility and then train for the show.
American Ninja Warrior also faced trouble with their scheduling due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Miles did make it in the end and was keen to hit the buzzer and move to the next round but he did not do so.
While Miles thought he lost the bet, he suddenly found out that American Ninja Warrior had shortlisted him for the semi-finals even though he did not hit the buzzer. The rules of the show allow a participant to move to the next round without having to hit the buzzer and Miles did enough to make it to the semis.
Miles took to Twitter to clarify that both he and Deeb were not fully aware of the rules of the show when they made the prop bet as they both thought a buzzer was needed to advance. Since Miles has advanced, he wants Deeb to pay up but Deeb has decided not to pay as he does not believe Miles has technically advanced as per their bet.
Shaun Deeb has now blocked Miles on Twitter. In an effort to avoid a social media controversy, Miles said that even though he believes he won the bet, he will still pay Deeb the $5,000. Deeb has also posted his side of the matter on his Twitter.

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