Poker player Shah Athar won the first ever MADchester Poker Open.

As many as 169 poker players bought into Paddy Power Poker’s MADchester Poker Open, the online poker room’s first live poker tournament held outside Ireland. Played at Manchester Casino, it was an NL Hold’em tournament with a buy-in of £500 and a guaranteed prize of £100,000.

The event had two starting flights. Notable poker players such as Padraig Parkinson of Ireland, Chino Rheem of America, Michael Mizrachi, Richard Kellett, Dan Charlton, Richard Hawes, Dara O’Kearney, Liam Batey, and Ben Martin participated in the event.

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When the final table was reached, the player field had reduced to nine with David Gomez as the chip leader. The finalists were Mark Davey (130,000), Soleiman Masud Janjua (301,000), Gerald David (350,000), Shah Athar (540,000), Sue Benson (380,000), Desmond Marsh (670,000), David Gomez (1,400,000), Declan Connolly (300,000), and Guy Taylor (1,100,000).

Mark Davey was the first player to be eliminated, and Declan Connolly followed him shortly. Both were eliminated by Gomez. The third player to be eliminated was Guy Taylor. He bet all in with an Ace of Hearts and a King of Diamonds, while Gomez had a Queen of Clubs and a Ten of Hearts. The cards on the flop did not favour any player, but Gomez got a pair because of the turn. Taylor was busted on the river, leaving Gomez with two-fifths of the total number of chips on the table.

Next, female poker player Sue Benson was eliminated by Soleiman Masud Janjua. He was followed by Gerald David, who was eliminated by Shah Athar. When Janjua and Marsh busted from the table, the heads-up match began between Gomez and Shah Athar, in which the latter emerged as the winner.

Here are the final table results. As the champion of the event, Shah Athar won £27,000 and a free entry to the Irish Open 2015. The runner-up David Gomez took home a prize of £17,000. The players who finished third and fourth were Desmond Marsh and Soleiman Masud Janjua, who won £12,750 and £10,000, respectively. The players who finished fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth were Gerald David, Sue Benson, Guy Taylor, and Declan Connolly, who won £7,500, £5,500, £3,750, and £3,000, respectively. The player who finished last was Mark Davey, who won £2,250.

Paddy Power Poker will next sponsor the Irish Open 2015, and interested players can qualify for the same at the online poker room.

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