Several parties have opposed the federal online poker bill proposed by Senators Kyl and Reid, and chief among these parties are the Indian tribes.

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The Indian tribes have several objections to this bill. They especially do not like the fact that it permits tribes owing gambling outlets to operate online poker services only if the states in which they live agree with the federal scheme. A few months back, the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs drafted a bill to protect the interests of tribal companies from certain objectionable provisions in the above-mentioned federal online poker bill.

The Augustine Band of Cahuilla Indians Gaming Commission, which is associated with the California Online Poker Association (COPA), feels that there will be strong objections to this bill as it protects the interests of only a few tribes. Voicing his opinions to eGaming Review, Chairman Michael Lombardi said that anybody from the tribes who supports this bill will be considered a traitor since it benefits only a few tribal interests in Nevada.

Many other parties feel that the bill focuses on benefiting only the online casino industry of Nevada. The bill sets down regulations for lottery sales, online poker, and horse betting; simultaneously, it does not mention online casino games.

A number of states such as Delaware, which recently passed its Delaware Gaming Competitiveness Act of 2012, are interested in offering not only online poker, but also online casino games. Delaware is in competition with the states in the vicinity to retain its gambling customers. Jack Markell, governor of Delaware, passed the above bill into law in June. However, this law will become invalid if Delaware agrees to the federal scheme as suggested by Senators Reid and Kyle. This means that the people of Delaware will be forced to visit casinos outside Delaware to play online casino games. The State of Delaware will therefore join tribal interests in opposing this bill.

Voicing his opinions, Tammy Anderson, professor at University of Delaware, told The Review that the bill will be opposed because Markell had spent a lot of money to pass the Competitiveness Act into law.

New Jersey is also not happy with the federal online poker bill. Senator Raymond Lesniak urged the Congressional and Senate delegations of New Jersey to oppose this bill and prevent it from being implemented. Lesniak is interested in online gaming regulations that will include not only online poker, but also online casino games.

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