Carbon Poker has been facing a number of problems in the past two weeks, getting players worried about not only safety and security at the online poker site, but also the integrity of its games.

On Nov 23, Carbon Poker’s servers crashed when the online poker room was running the main event of its Carbon Poker Online Poker Series. Later, Carbon Poker players reported at online poker forums and social networking sites that the crash led to several disconnections and hole card changes for players who could still log into their accounts and play. What worried players the most was that some players were able to gain access to other players’ accounts when they tried to log in. The online poker world had never before experienced a technical glitch of this nature, which made it all the more frightening. Players who tried to log into their accounts could not only view other players’ accounts, but also their personal information.

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This weekend, rumors began flying around about DDOS attacks being responsible for the continuous technical issues at Carbon Poker. A Two Plus Two user claimed: “I found the hacker that is disconnecting the server. He builds bit pots and once he min-raises he crashes the server and scoops the pot. His username is L4ss3m4jj4n. He did it to me a few times and took quite a bit from me at PLO. I then followed him and watched him do it to others. I emailed support so let’s see what happens.”

The number of poker players accusing L4ss3m4jj4n of hacking Carbon Poker’s servers rose. He was discussed at social networking sites by widely acclaimed poker commentators and players. As a result of all these rumors and gossip, more than 100 poker players began observing L4ss3m4jj4n at Carbon Poker’s poker tables. His play was also shown live at Simultaneously, players began sending emails to customer care at Carbon Poker, urging them to do something about it.

One cannot confirm that the technical issues at Carbon Poker are because of a DDOS attack. However, it is quite clear that players will never be treated in a fair manner at unregulated sites when such things happen. This is because players have no regulatory body to complain to. If Carbon Poker, held to be one of the best US-facing online poker rooms in the industry, has to face such issues, one cannot imagine what might happen at little-known poker sites.

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