September 19th, 2005
Minor odds fix on the poker odds page, thanks Dan for pointing this out. I will also be adding the realistic odds page to the side menu, even though this didn't seem to spark much discussion. I guess Ed Miller's book probably covered it enough already?

In other news, the Senate turns aside web gambling for now. This is actually somewhat old news, but it's new to me, so apologies if you've already read it. Senator Jon Kyl, who has been at it for some time, but it looks like online gambling and online poker (ie, Party Poker) may be here to stay for some time. At least until the next senate session anyways.

September 11th, 2005
Forgot today was September 11th until I just read the paper, so a nod and a moment to today's date. In the poker news of today, PokerStars is having the second largest World Champion of Online Poker (WCOOP) event today in about two hours. $1,000,000 guaranteed prize purse, so it's quite a huge series of event being put on by PokerStars. Next week is the $2.5 million tournament.

I also have to give another nod to my man, Barry Greenstein for getting 16th in the pot limit texas hold'em tournament and donating his $5,000 to hurricane charities. Another nod for PokerStars for matching the $5,000 donation and also for running the Katrina charity tournaments. Earth to Party Poker, try running some of these tournaments as well. I know it's hard making nine-figures a year and figuring out how to get to ten, but you can try. Thank you, from a customer that has given you years of business.

September 9th, 2005
InterPoker is running a pretty cool promotion right now, giving away a free copy of Doyle Brunson's "Super System 2" if you play 700 raked hands on their site. I believe this stacks with their monthly 100% match bonus (up to $90). Note that these are *any* raked hands, and don't work on the same point at the bonus clearing system, so I definitely recommend giving this a shot.

For those that have also not seen this piece of news, this article in the Guardian talks about Party Poker and their slowdown in growth and expected growth for this quarter and future quarters. The result was a 33% drop in their stock (ouch), but for a company still making hundreds of millions of dollars, I guess that's not too terrible.

Also, since a lot of you seem to be killing the NL25 no limit games at Party Poker, I'd like to offer another article submission prize for that topic. $200 for the best article submission I receive and $100 for the runner-up. The end-date is the end of the month, so impress me guys. 🙂 Ask on the forums if you have more questions.

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