September 23rd, 2004
Finally got done writing my tools to properly convert hand histories, so I have posted all the Party Poker hand histories sent in by Lackey (poker pro) and put them in the Visitor Histories section. There is a LOT of material to go through, so have fun watching.

Lackey has also graciously stated he is willing to answer questions you may have about his play, so please post questions in the >Poker Strategy forum along with the complete hand history you have questions about. Please be courteous and limit yourself to select hands you have questions on, thanks.

September 19th, 2004
Congratulations to Larry from the forums for winning the CTM #8 tournament yesterday, getting the $20 bounty AND winning a free copy of Poker Tracker! It's a good day for Larry it seems. Congratulations to Stennyso as well for winning a one month subscription to Poker Edge. So, both of you guys, please contact me via PM for further instructions.

Also, if you played in the tournament, please email me your PokerStars history (#2672809) so I can create a full history file.

September 16th, 2004
CTM #8 is this weekend. The usualy details as follows:

Who: Anyone reader of this site
What: $10+1 No limit Texas Hold'em tournament
Where: PokerStars
  (name "CTM #8 – NL Tournament", password "pokertracker)
When: September 18th, Saturday, 4:00pm EST / 1:00pm PST
Why: To get experience playing higher skilled tournaments
Extras: One copy of Poker Tracker AND Poker Edge being raffled off!

In other news regarding Poker Edge, the authors are willing to answer any questions about their product in the forums. So if you have any, go ahead and post in the forums and they will be checking up on it once in awhile to talk about it.

September 10th, 2004
Poker Edge review posted, a neat new player tracking tool
New poker articles in the Poker Corner
– Visitor Histories page updated with new histories, with more coming soon
Poker Odds page updated with clarifications and inclusion of implied value
Forum Tournament page updated with (mostly) complete hole card replays, WPT style

Forum tournament is on tommorow (Saturday) at PokerStars. The name of the tournament is "CTM #7 – NL Tournament" and starts at 4:00pm EST / 1:00pm PST. Buy-in is the usual $10+1 and password to register is "pokertracker". One free copy of PokerTracker will be given out for this tournament as well.

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