Senators Kyl and Reid have been questioning the US Justice system regarding the online gambling policies. The duo has sent a letter to the US government asking for an explanation regarding the recent wake-up towards the online gambling problems in the United States.

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The senators have asked the US Attorney General to restate their position on these policies and have asked for their stand on it. It is questionable that the US DoJ has taken action after so many years while online gambling has been proliferating. It was either the case of lack of evidence that they chose not to pursue these cases or the perception that online gambling has not broken any rules.

Senator Kyl has recently softened his opinion on the whole online gambling issue stating that he opposed it considering the problems that online gambling was posing problems like no other form of gambling ever has. He has mentioned on his website that he will reconsider internet poker’s status since it is considered as a game of skill by many, and that he will only soften up if these bills address other online betting issues appropriately.

Senator Kyl outlined the larger problem faced by people due to online betting stating that due to online gambling many players who play 24×7 from home are addicted to the same, and sometimes even children get involved without proper verification for age requirements. Another issue related to online gambling is debt, since many players underestimate the value of cash when they use a credit card for betting which leads to them getting into further debts, and bankruptcy. Such problems lead to different forms of crime and even suicide.

Although Senator Kyl relates online gambling to a much larger picture, his argument is extremely convincing, though people may think otherwise and consider themselves to be responsible gamblers. The decision of course is the choice of the player and free will cannot be curtailed. Both Senators have asked the Department of Justice to pursue any form of action against those who offer internet gambling illegally in the United States.

The effect of this letter and other poker bills will slowly add up to the legalization of internet gambling in the United States although it might be regulated, which is to the benefit of the player, but if the government had decided to act years ago when they introduced the UIGEA in 2006, then the people’s plight today would have been much better.

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