As of now, the state of poker legislation in the US is very murky and the governments of state are taking it into their owns hands to legalize gambling in their region. This has also created a competition of sorts between some US states – particularly between Nevada and New Jersey.
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Brian Sandoval,the governor of Nevada took up this issue in his state of the state address saying, “Nevada has always been the gold standard of both gaming regulation and operation, and I intend to see to it that our state will lead the world into this new frontier.Other states are moving quickly on this issue and I ask you to pass a bill within 30 days.”
“In the absence of federal action on this issue, Nevada must continue to lead…The promise of these ideas is real. The chance to innovate is exciting,” Sandoval stated.
However, Reid seems to be pushing for the state of New Jersey all of a sudden and this has created a bit of confusion.
According to Senator Reid, the legislation is likely to be a benefit to the state of New Jersey, “Well, with legislation, there’s always a sweet spot…… We’re gonna continue to try to get this done. We have some opposition we didn’t have earlier. We’ve got the people who have lotteries are now organized. We’ve got governors now who are opposed to what we’re trying to do. We’re gonna try to thread the needle. It’s gonna be harder to do than it was before.”

Reid also commented on the impact that the bill would have on the economy of the state of Nevada, “Oh, It would have created thousands of jobs in Nevada, and hopefully we can still get it done, because under the legislation I drafted, it would have been really, really good for Nevada, and New Jersey.”

However, it would seem that not everyone is taking the bait that Reid is laying down and some are quite suspicious of the senator’s statements. It would seem that Reid is ready to say whatever it takes to get the bill pushed to the floor. According to a report on the topic by “Reid’s last comment is especially curious. Why bring up New Jersey in the same sentence as Nevada’s interests when the two states are very openly competing against one another for the chance to become the leading online gaming regulator?”

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