The state of Illinois wants to legalize online poker and they want to do it fast – at least faster than any other state in the US. At least this is what, John Cullerton, a Democrat and Senate President is proposing in his letter.
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According to John Cullerton, the President of the Senate, “Certain forms of iGaming, especially poker, rely on large pools of potential players, and states that move swiftly to design a system that captures the widest audience of participants will have an advantage in terms of long-range success. The goal is to make the state nimble enough to adjust to new Internet gambling approaches.”
Cullerton is lobbying for the state to legalize online poker and is promoting the idea that this could make the entire state very popular. Cullerton hopes that by legalizing online poker and internet gambling in Illinois first; it would make the state the online poker capital of the United States. He even suggested that the state organize a high level poker game to get international popularity.
Cullerton addressed the appeal to legalize online poker in this letter to all his fellow senate leaders and to the Governor of Illinois Pat Quinn. Cullerton also pushed the appeal from the more revenue for Illinois standpoint.
However, not everyone agrees with Cullerton’s view and would prefer to err on the side of caution than turn it into a sort of rat race for online poker legalization on a state level.
Patty Schuh, who represented Christine Radogno, a Republican Senate head from Lemont, cautioned against following Cullerton’s views. “If you allow Internet poker to be sanctioned by the state of Illinois, there are a whole lot of questions that need to be answered. Being first isn’t necessarily a good thing,” she said.
Lou Lang, D-Skokie, a House Representative described the struggles he had been having to get a gambling bill to the floor which required the addition of slot machine at race track events. Quinn’s office had been strict regarding and had threatened to veto it. As a reusalt, Cullerton had not even pushed the bill as far as Quinn’s office. “I cannot even pass a bill if the horse racing industry isn’t satisfied that it helps them into the future,” said Lang.
It remains to be seen how far the proposals of the legalization of online poker in the state of Illinois will go.

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