DrawnOut, emsig777 and honigmelone_ agreed to a three-way deal at approximately 8:15 pm EST last night to bring the May 25 Party Poker 300K to a close. The agreed payout structure awarded each player a straight percentage of the remaining $113,700 according to their respective chip stacks. All in all, this spelled out a $40,800 first prize for DrawnOut, a $40,300 second prize for ensig777 and a third prize of $32,000 for honigmelone_. The original values for the top three spots were $60,000, $30,700 and $23,000.

While DrawnOut’s final stack size equated to a payout of approximately $20,000 below the outright first prize, at one point during the Final Table, DrawnOut possessed almost 70% of the total chips in play – 4.4 million, 3.5 million of which came in what turned out to be the largest pot of the tournament.

Hand 7087852193 went into the flop as an unraised battle of the blinds between DrawnOut, the small blind and ripcurlx, the big. They represented the two biggest stacks of the remaining six at about 1.8 million for DrawnOut and about 1.7 million for ripcurlx. The game had not featured any unraised pots for more than 40 consecutive hands at that point – so everyone was playing good strong large blind tournament poker. After all that aggressive poker, a number of spectators commented that a battle of the blinds stuck out like a sore thumb. Although at the same time, it was a hand between the two big stacks – maybe they were just keeping it civil while the little guys knocked each other out.

Flop comes A K 4 which should mean a whole lot of nothing for a six-handed unraised battle of the blinds. However, DrawnOut was in fact, holding an offsuit A-9 and obviously planning pre-flop to do something crafty post-flop should an Ace hit. But the kicker to the whole hand is that ripcurlx was holding A-7, planning to do the exact same thing. The mistake made here was in misidentifying hand strength. Even six-handed, A-7 (and really A-9 too, but DrawnOut got lucky) is too weak to trap with in tournament play. You should only be trapping with AK or pocket Js or better (for those who would add AQ to that list, of the final 40 players eliminated, 7 were finished off while holding AQ .)

The rest was inevitable. DrawnOut, the small blind, bet out 80,000 into a pot of about 60,000 trying to sell his overbet as a bluff to ripcurlx. Ripcurlx then raised DrawnOut to 240,000 trying to sell his re-raise as a second bluff rooted in picking off DrawnOut’s previous “obvious” bluff, basically begging for DrawnOut to get courageous and go over the top for everything. DrawnOut obliges by going all-in, ripcurlx quickly calls, and from the inauspicious beginnings of an unraised battle of the blinds Drawnout became a 3.5 million monster stack.

Following that pot, DrawnOut began to dominate the table, taking 7 of the next 10 hands without a flop. The general play of the table slowed way down with DrawnOut’s huge stack, the massive blinds (30,000/60,000 2K ante) and the quickly escalating prize money levels (the difference between 2nd and 5th was more than $15,000 USD.)

Hand 7087884872 saw DrawnOut leave ensig777 with 2.8 million after a self described “terrible read” when DrawnOut (A-5) called emsig777’s (AK) all-in re-raise. Following that hand, both players became vocal about the table initiating a deal rather than playing out the remaining 4 positions.

For their parts, both honigmelone_ (700K) and bingo_playa(1 million) remained in silent dissent to a possible deal until honigmelone_’s river Queen gave his KQ the victory over bingo_playa’s A-2. That hand provided honigmelone_ enough chips to warrant a more substantial portion of the $113,000 left in the prize pool and the players went into dealmaking. The agreed upon deal was most beneficial for the second and third prizes, in this case emsig777 and honigmelone_ who went from $30,700 and $23,000 to $40,300 and $32,000 respectively.

Other notable numbers for the May 25th tournament include 1442 total buy-ins at $215 a piece for a $310,030 total prize pool of which $186,300 was distributed.

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