Thank God, a deal!

For the past 2 months, each and every Party Poker 300K final table began with big big blinds and ended in outright victory. Each week, there are roughly 7,000,000 total chips in play in the Party Poker 300K (this week there were 7,160,000 in total.) When blinds reach 20,000 / 40,000 or 30,000 / 60,000, more than 1% of the total chips in play are represented by each pot… before a single card is dealt!

High Blinds + not many chips = huge variance. Poker odds 101

Finally, after watching 8 straight multi-table tournaments come down to the poker equivalent of “Red Light, Green Light” I was finally treated to what I’ve really been dying to see for 63 days, a deal! Lord knows I wasn’t treated to too much poker; at a total of 49 hands played, this was the shortest Party Poker 300K final tale that I can remember ever seeing.

Let’s take a look at the final table players; how they played, how they fared and how much money they made (all dollar values are in USD)

10. CaSchaadt / $2,850 / 0 hands won / 0 players eliminated

Danish player CaSchaadt came into the final table with 727,000 in chips and picked up Queens in the very first hand. Unfortunately, eventual second place finisher area182 picked up Kings. $2,850 for seeing all of one cold deck at the final table.

9.gizzyhardcor / $4,050 / 0 hands won / 0 players eliminated

gizzyhardcor is the first representative from the nation of New Zealand in the recent history of the Party Poker 300K final table. He came in with a decent sized stack at 561,000 but with the blinds beginning at the final table at 20,000 / 40,000, he was forced to go all-in with his pocket 4s. As it turned out he got his money in good against fifth place finisher Aashutosh’s K10, but a ten hit the turn and gizzy was eliminated in ninth.

8. D0nkbox / $5,250 / 1 hand won and 1 split / 0 players eliminated

The lone member of the United Kingdom presence at this final table, D0nkbox did manage to win one hand and split another before going under in the giant three way pot hand #7489996961. Yes, D0nk got eliminated holding K8 for 13 more big blinds, but at least he was trying to do something with his chips. $5,250 for going down swinging.

7.Tano1975 / $7,950 / 1 hand won / 0 players eliminated

Russian player Tano entered final table play with about 772,000 chips to put him in decent position to make a run. But again, with blinds so big (they’d made it up to 30,000 / 60,000 by the time Tano was eliminated) Tano was forced to make a move. He made his move with K9; Aashutosh stopped his move with KK. $7,950 for a 7th place exit.

6. wefgb / $10,350 / 2 hands won / 0 players eliminated

Finnish player wefgb entered final table play with about 512,000 in chips, won two hands with pre-flop all-ins, tried to make it a third with A3 but was called and eliminated by Nick123338 holding 55. I wish there was more to say but seriously, the whole final table was only 49 hands. wefgb made three bets in total at the final table, two of them went all-called, one of them did not.

5. Aashutosh / $13,800 / 11 hands won / 2 players eliminated (gizzyhardcor and Tano1975)

Danish player Aash had been one of the two table captains prior to his elimination at the hands of eventual winner LosHabos7 in hand 7490022466. Aashutosh won 11 hands, including 3 post-flop without showdowns. He started with 841,000 at the final table and if it weren’t for flopping a King with a Queen kicker against LosHabos AK in the 4 million chip pot, Aashutosh would’ve finished much higher than 5th.

4. Shorty81 / $16,350 / 9 hands won / 1 player eliminated (D0nkbox)

Shorty81 is an up and coming online player, verging on professional status. The Finnish product has had a slew of top 5 finishes in major tournaments on Party Poker, Titan Poker and PokerStars. As expected, he played well at the October 26 final table, winning 9 hands while starting in a virtual tie for small stack with 380,000. Following his elimination holding 77 against LosHabos7’s AQ, the final table immediately initiated dealmaking mode.

3. Nick123338 / $29,505.20 (deal) / 7 hands won / 1 player eliminated (wefgb)

Russian player Nick123338 played a solid final table, turning a small starting stack of 466,000 into virtually 2nd place money (outright second place prize money is $33,000.) Nick was also the only player other than Aashutosh to win a hand post-flop without a showdown. Nick123338 had been one of the more vocal proponents for a deal throughout much of the final table. Should Nick have finished in 3rd without a deal rather than the $29,505.20 that his 1,221,806 finishing chips provided, then his prize money would have been $20,700, nearly $9,000 less than he made.

2. area182 / $30,696.94 (deal) / 7 hands won / 1 player eliminated (CaSchaadt)

The October 26 Party Poker 300K Final Table will be notable for 3 reasons: it was the shortest PP 300K final table in history, it was the first PP 300K with a New Zealand based player and, thanks to area182, it will also forever be the first time in Party Poker 300K final table history that a Slovenian player participated.

After beginning with a micro stack of 352,000, area immediately picked up KK and just about doubled up through tenth place finisher CaSchaadt. He rode those chips to a final stack of 1,387,172 and a $30,696.94 deal. While that figure is almost $2,500 less than the outright third prize money, with third place finisher Nick and area both holding about 1.3 million chips and the blinds at 40,000 / 80,000, the remaining players correctly bypassed the extraordinary variance of high blind tournament poker to ensure $30,000+ paydays.

1.LosHabos7 / $53,497.87 (deal) / 11 hands won and 1 split / 2 players eliminated (Aashutosh and Shorty81)

Canadian player LosHabos7 was the wire to wire winner of the October 26 Party Poker 300K final table, beginning with 2.03 million in chips and finishing with 4,551,022. LosHabos7 was a relatively passive massive chip leader even with the 4 million bounty of hand 7490022466 choosing to allow the small stacks to battle it out amongst themselves. After all, with a 7,125,000 total chips and 4+ million of them already to his screen name, Habos had guaranteed himself of a chip lead going into heads up play with 4 players left in the tournament.

Yes, $53,497,87 is less than $60,000 (the prize for outright victory.) But by agreeing to a deal, Habos avoids the madness of 3 way and two way hands where each pot holds 2% of the total chips before a single card is dealt. He sacrificed about 10% of his potential winnings to secure a nifty $53,497.87 payday.

Congratulations on a well-played and well-managed final table performance.

Final Table Statistics
49 total hands
15 flops
11 turns
11 rivers
11 showdowns

We’ll see you next week for the November 2 Party Poker $300,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool Weekly No Limit Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament.

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