A deal it is after all.

Despite one balked deal and some extended thinking during a second session, the November 23rd edition of the Party Poker 300K ended in a 3 way deal between players Barracuda065, grindcore25 and Zuurr. A flurry of action, at 132 hands played in less than one hour of actual game time the November 23rd final table was the most turbo final table played in the biggest regular tournament on Party Poker in more than 1 year.

Let’s take a look at the final table players, how they played, how they fared and how much money they made (all dollar values are in USD:)

10. b28834457 / $2,850 / 0 hands won / 0 players eliminated

Danish player b28834457 came into the final table with 378,000 in chips (blinds began at 15K / 30K.) With less than 13 Big Blinds, b28 went all in with A5 but was called and eliminated by Barracuda065 holding AQ.

9. HardHit85 / $4,050 / 1 hands won / 0 players eliminated

Swedish player HardHit85 came in as the second smallest stack at the final table with 252,000. He was able to pick up one hand with a pre-flop all-in that went uncalled before losing a race in dramatic fashion against grindcore25 when the eventual second place finisher flopped AAJ holding AJ against HardHit’s 44.

8. capitannemo / $5,250 / 4 hands won / 0 players eliminated

Spain’s capitannemo managed to stave off elimination for more than 50 hands despite entering the final table with 117,000 in chips. He won 4 hands, 1 successful double up and 3 uncalled all-ins before being eliminated holding A4 against grindcore’s AK.

7. PekkaKoo / $7,950 / 16 hands won / 0 players eliminated

Finland’s PekkaKoo played a fantastic final table, translating a strong starting stack of 1.25 million into 16 hands won. Those 16 hands won included: 2 uncalled pre-flop re-raises, 2 pots post-flop without showdowns, 3 times the table folded him his big blind and 9 pre-flop bets that went uncalled. He was undoubtedly the most active player of the first 50 hands of the final table but made a major mistake in the form of a 1.7 million pot holding A10 against Kaspar19’s QQ. He was ultimately eliminated by Barracuda holding KJ against the eventual winner’s AK.

6. chinagirl111 / $10,350 / 10 hands won / 0 players eliminated

Sweden’s chinagirl111 began final table play with 913,000 in chips and won 10 hands en route to a sixth place finish. china won 10 hands: 2 on pre-flop re-raises, 1 post flop without a showdown, one more on a post flop re-raise that went uncalled and 6 more pre-flop. He was ultimately eliminated by grindcore – picking up a pattern? You should be as every single player eliminated from the final table of the November 23rd Party Poker 300K was taken out by one of two players.

5. Kaspar19 / $13,800 / 19 Hands won / 0 players eliminated

Another representative of Denmark, Kaspar19 turned his 719,000 into a fifth place finish on the back of one move above all others: the re-raise. Winning 5 hands on pre-flop re-raises that went uncalled (in addition to 1 successful double up, 1 folded blinds and 12 pre-flop bets) Kaspar was able to take big hands without showdowns. His biggest mistake came in the form of rejecting a deal which would have given him nearly $17,000 the hand before he was eliminated with J10 against Barracuda’s A9. Yet another smart poker player who just can’t seem to figure out dealmaking.

4. AAirline / $16,350 / 12 hands won / 0 players eliminated

Canadian player AAirline began the final table with 357,000 and played powerful tight-aggressive tournament poker to make his way up to a fourth place finish. A deeper look at his 12 hands won will show: 2 uncalled pre-flop re-raises, 2 post-flop pots without showdowns, 1 successful double, 3 folded blinds and 4 pre-flop. He ended up the player most hurt by Kaspar’s rejection of the previous deal as AAirline had been in line for nearly $24K in the deal yet managed to take home almost 35% less. Ah, the many ways poker players hurt each other at the table…

3. Zuurr / 30,191.43 (deal) / 27 hands won / 0 players eliminated

Netherlands based Zuurr won the most hands of any single player at the November 23rd final table. He began with 715,000 and 1 pre-flop re-raise, 1 post flop without a showdown, 6 folded blinds, 1 successful double up and 18 pre-flop bets later he finished with 1,301,392. Most of his damage was done pre-flop with that impressive 18 hands won from pre-flop betting alone statistic. Along with Kaspar, Zuurr had been opposed to the previous deal and nearly denied the second attempt. But after reasoning with the other players for a little while, Zuurr decided to improve nearly $10,000 on outright 3rd prize money for a $30K+ payday. Very well played.

2. grindcore25 / 30,835.36 (deal) / 17 hands won / 3 players eliminated (HardHit85, capitannemo and chinagirl111)

Canadian player grindcore25 was one of only two players to eliminate another player at the November 23rd Party Poker 300K final table. Of his 17 hands won: 1 was on a pre-flop re-raise, 1 was on an ill-gotten double up (he was all-in early in the final table holding JJ against chinagirl111’s QQ – unfortunately for the sixth place finisher, the J hit the river,) 3 were payer eliminations, 1 was post flop without a showdown, 3 were folded blinds and 8 were pre-flop bets.

Despite his success with elimination (and luckily staving off his own demise) grindcore25 was unable to break through against Barracuda mostly because of Kaspar, ironically. When it was all said and over with, Kaspar alone had re-raised grindcore25 out of 3 pre-flop bets (and with blinds at 30,000 / 60,000 folding just 3 pre-flop bets constitutes a significant loss.) grindcore25 finished the tournament with 1,389,683 chips before agreeing to the deal which Party Poker would put forward.

1. Barracuda065 / $52,673.22 (deal) / 26 hands won / 4 players eliminated (b28834457, PekkaKoo, Kaspar19 and AAirline)

The lone member of the United Kingdom contingent, Barracuda completed a dominant performance in the Party Poker 300K by claiming the lion’s share of the final deal. Entering with 1.38 million and the chip lead, Barracuda remained at or near the top of the leader board for the entirety of the tournament, never once jeopardizing his tournament life.

His 26 hands won were a testament to complete pre and post-flop domination: 4 pre-flop re-raises, 4 post flop without showdowns (including 1 re-raise post-flop,) 5 folded blinds, 4 player eliminations and 9 pre-flop bets good enough to take it down then and there.

With 4,383,925 following the elimination of AAirline, Barracuda was able to command a more than $52,000 deal from Party Poker in what is the budding player’s biggest online victory to date. Congratulations on a dominant performance and a smart deal.

Final Table Statistics

132 hands played

23 flops

13 turns

13 rivers

11 showdowns

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