What a swell time! 

Not only did the November 16 Party Poker $300K end in a fair and balanced 50/50 split, not only was it the second week in a row where every player won at least one hand, but with blinds beginning at the relatively low level of 10,000 / 20,000 +500, this final table featured something that we often don’t get to see in the late rounds of a massive MTT: poker. Re-raises, bluffs, check-raises – with players having the chips to maneuver, Party Poker was able to show off some of its strongest tournament poker in months.

Let’s take a look at the final table players; how they played, how they fared and how much money they made (all dollar values are in USD.)

10.Toomuch223 / $2,850 / 4 hands won / 0 players eliminated

German player Toomuch223 came into the final table as the short stack with a shade over 266,000 in chips. But with blinds beginning at 10K/ 20K, he was able to make the most of some pre-flop all-ins (as opponents were not necessarily priced in to call with virtually any two cards) and win 4 pots. He was undone with AJ against castof’s JJ.

9. mikluha9911 / $4,050 / 5 hands won and 1 split / 0 players eliminated

Russian flop addict mikluha991 came into the final table as the second big stack with 991,000 in chips – yet managed to call his way to an early grave. Even after claiming the chip lead following hand 7543166125, mikluha exploded, losing more than 1 million chips to GamblingAS who had flopped a set of tens. Maybe he shouldn’t have called 5 pre-flop bets in consecutive hands. He was ultimately expunged by Manechka holding J3 against Man’s 66.

8. Sopuliin / $5,250 / 6 hands won / 0 players eliminated

Finland’s Sopuliin began final table play in the middle of the pack with about 501,000. He had some success with pre-flop aggression, winning 6 pots with mostly standard raises (2.5-4x big blind) before running into that classic race: AK v.castof’s 10-10. But Sopuliin’s AK did not improve and so he was finished.

7. flopking114 / $7,950 / 2 hands won / 0 players eliminated

flopking114 was one of two players at this final table playing under the Irish flag, after making it to the final 10 with 488,000 or so in chips. Though he only won two pots, he only made 3 bets (additionally, one of the pots he won was on a pre-flop all-in re-re-raise that went uncalled) the third of which was all-in with 44 against MaNechka’s A8. The 8 hit the flop and the coin flip had landed in MaN’s favor. Good bye flopking114.

6. bollerisle / $10,350 / 4 hands won / 0 players eliminated

Yet another of the millions of German players, bollerisle forged into 6th place despite entering the final table with the second fewest chips at 484,000. Before succumbing to LassieFido86’s 77 with A6 after blinds had finally climbed to 30,000 / 60,000, boller played tight-aggressive tournament poker winning two pots with all-in re-raises that went uncalled and a successful double up with A10. $10,350 for a smartly played final table.

5. LassieFido86 / $13,800 / 18 hands won / 1 player eliminated (bollerisle)

One of three Danish players at the final table, LassieFido was a roller coaster. After entering play with a solid stack of 829,000, Lassie plummeted to below 200,000 with 9 players remaining then clawed his way back up through varied play, pre and post flop. Of his 15 hands won: 2 were through post-flop bets without callers, 2 were pre-flop all-ins that went uncalled, twice the table folded to him in the big blind, one successful double up and 8 pre-flop standard raises that went uncalled. He was eliminated sticking his hand in the cookie jar when semaj1111 got him all-in with Q5 against the eventual co-winner’s AQ.

4. MaNechka / $16,350 / 22 hands won / 2 players eliminated (mikluha9911 and flopking114)

Russian player MaNechka entered the November 16 Party Poker 300K final table with nearly 855,000 chips and immediately put them to good use, eliminating 2 of the first players ousted. His 22 hands won stat was impressive: 4 wins post-flop without showdowns, 4 blinds folded around to him, 1 pre-flop re-raise that went uncalled, 2 player eliminations and 11 pre-flop standard raises that went uncalled. After unsuccessfully campaigning for a deal when play had whittled to 4, MaNechka suffered a huge loss in the form of a 2.8 million pot holding KQ against semaj1111’s AA before being officially eliminated by GamblingAS when’s MaN’s A9 failed to improve against Gambling’s 77.

3. castof / $20,700 / 31 hands won and 1 split / 2 players eliminated (Toomuch233 and Sopuliin)

Danish player castof made a big splash in the final table despite entering the field as a middle chip stack with about 616,000. He personally eliminated 2 of the first 3 players sent packing from the final table on top of dozens of other strong plays. The specifics of his 31 hands won speak of a very talented and capable tournament poker player: 9 pots won post-flop without callers (two of which were on re-raises,) 3 pre-flop re-raises that went uncalled, 6 blinds folded, 2 player eliminations, 1 successful non-all-in showdown and 10 pre-flop raises that went uncalled. He was eliminated after making what should have been a great play post flop against GamblingAS. After raising and calling pre-flop (blinds had made it up to 40K/80K) the flop came K 9 3 rainbow with castof in the small blind – he checks inducing an all-in out of Gambling. castof snap-calls with 910 while Gambling shows AJ – a snap-call trap with middle-pair = great read/play. But no good play goes unpunished at the poker table and the J wormed out on the turn leaving castof in 3rd place.

T – 1. semaj1111 / $46,500 (deal) / 21 hands won / 1 player eliminated (LassieFido86)

Heads up: 1 hand won began with approximately 2.65 million, finished with exactly 3,672,864

After winning the second heads up hand (a nearly 2 million chip pot) Irish player semaj1111 offered a simple plan: “50/50 chop?” This after an entire final table of tacitly denying each and every attempt at a deal (with 4 players remaining, semaj had been the player who blocked dealmaking mode.) It ended up a good plan for the two virtually identical stacks to both avoid the insanity of massive blinds (they were already at 40,000 / 80,000 and verging on the six digit variety) and finish with big money.

semaj played a cautious final table, winning 21 hands the least of any of the top 4 finishers. But those 21 hands were often large, comprised of 7 post-flop wins without showdowns, 2 pre-flop re-raises that went uncalled, 1 player elimination, 1 non-all-in showdown, 5 folded blinds and 6 standard pre-flop raise winners. Most notable of those hands was a 2.8 million chip monster with MaNechka where semaj was able to net more than 1.4 million chips holding AA.

All in all, semaj’s reluctance to make a deal prior to heads up play ended up maximizing his profit as the biggest stack he had the whole tournament was the one he had going into dealmaking mode. Well done.

T -1. GamblingAS / $46,500 (deal) / 30 hands won / 2 players eliminated (MaNechka and castof)

Heads up: 1 hand won began with approximately 4,535,000, finished with exactly 3,508,136

The third and final of the great Danes at the final table, GamblingAS made his living with one move above all others: re-raising. Take a look at this: of his 30 hands won, 6 occurred post-flop without showdowns (two of which were on re-raises,) 4 times the blinds were folded to him, 2 player eliminations, a double up, a non-all-in showdown, 11 pre-flop standard raises that went uncalled and 7 pre-flop re-raises without showdowns. Adding up his 2 post-flop re-raises without showdowns, this means that 9 times throughout the final table he was able to re-raise a player and win the p
without having to show his cards! Tremendous work there!

He had been a big proponent for a deal since play had become 4 handed (and blinds risen to 30,000 / 60,000) and while it took him losing a million chips heads up to get one going, he was eventually able to secure a payday of $46,500 USD, $13,500 more than the $33,000 of outright second place money.

Congratulations on a very well played final table.

Final Table Statistics*

140 total hands
45 flops
29 turns
23 rivers
22 showdowns

*Final Table Statistics do not include Heads Up action.

We’ll see you next week for the November 16 Party Poker $300,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool Weekly No Limit Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament.

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