There are times when a player bullies a table. There are times when a big stack is a card rack and the rest of the table is in trouble. There are times when people shoot themselves in the foot.

the second biggest stack at almost 800K and the blinds at $20K/$40K. It would take the hair band’s namesake less than 5 minutes to pick up Kings and look to take a commanding lead when chip leader Ugga_Chak called his all-in bet holding Ace Queen. But it was not to be. The Ace spiked, Ugga_Chak climbed to more than 1.8 million in chips and without winning a single hand, coming into the final table with the second most chips, def_1eppard was bringin’ on the heartbreak in 10th place. At least he picked up $2,850.

9th Place: Lucky_Lasse $4,050 1 Hand won

Lucky_Lasse was a wallflower. Lucky got involved in almost no pots and won only 1. Odd for a player named Lucky_Lasse to play so tight but when it was all said and done with, Lucky_Lasse had earned almost 20 to 1 on the initial $215 buy-in with a $4,050 9th place finish.

8th Place: jdshane $5,250 10 Hands won

jdshane was probably the only real threat to Ugga_CHak’s reign of terror after Ugga had enveloped def_1eppard. jdshane was extremely aggressive, possessed of enough fortitude to make some big calls and despite his relatively early exit, jdshane won 10 pots at the final table. Unfotunately for jdshane, he was trying to play big stack poker with a small stack so on the few occasions that Ugga_Chak did not issue a healthy pre-flop raise, jdshane jumped at the opportunity. While this won him a number of blinds, it left him open to re-raises: hand 7199300853 is an example of a player isolating a smaller stack trying to make a play. ChipReloader re-raised jdshane after jd led out into the first set of back-to-back hands that Ugga had folded pre-flop and took a nifty 200K from shane. Mix that in with a nasty beat at the hands of 7th place finisher Winst999 and jdshane took home $5,250 for an 8th place showing.

7th place Winst999 $7,950 4 Hands Won and 1 Split

Winst999 was basically a spectator for the final table show that was Ugga_Chak. Winst999 picked a few prime moments and went all-in to steal the hefty blinds but was only able to secure a 7th place finish due to hand 7199315487 and his A5 all-in beating jdshane’s pocket Queens. That beat crippled jdshane and bought Winst999 enough time to bleed his way to a $7,950 7th place finish.

6th Place: Kaliningrad4 $10,350 5 Hands Won

Kaliningrad4 never really found his groove at the final table; he stayed right around 700K in chips for most of the action until he was eliminated by Ugga_Chak, which seemed to be the protocol for the July 6th g stack that Ugga represented. Ace picked off 3 hands with big pre-flop all-ins but was basically just more Ugga_Chak fodder in the end. For biding his time though, AceTorpedo did make a cool $13,800 USD.

4th Place: rsanco $16,350 4 Hands Won and 1 Split

After AceTorpedo was eliminated, the remaining 4 players entered into dealmaking mode. This had to excite rsanco who with less than a million in chips was the second smallest stack yet stood to bring home about $23,000 should the deal have been ratified. But the deal fell through thanks to one wernitschg one word response. rsanco was subsequently interred by Ugga_Chak and poof! rsanco was gone in 4th place with $16,350, almost $7,000 less than what was offered in the deal.

3rd Place: wernitschg $20,700 15 Hands Won

Oh, wernitschg. First of all, that 15 hands won stat is a little misleading because 10 of them were won after the field whittled down to 3 and 40 of 45 hands were decided pre-flop (the blinds were at $50K/$100K so each hand represented more than 15% of each player not named Ugga_Chak’s stack.) To his credit, wernitschg was not as complicit as most others were in contributing to Ugga’s world domination and he did make a few stands along the way. However the particular stand that wernitschg made (which I am most interested in) was not made at the poker table but at the dealmaking table.

The July 6th Party Poker 300K seemed destined for a deal, and at one point 6 out of 8 remaining players in favor of a deal. This is approximately what the proposed deal looked like once the field had been cut to four: wernit and rsanco for about $23,000 each, ChipReloader for about $32,000 and Ugga_Chak for about $48,000. All parties had accepted the deal, and just as the final click was about to be made came this two letter response from wernitschg:

I don’t know if wernitshcg thought that Ugga was going to be an easy stack to topple or what, because the only way that turning down that deal would have come out to wernitschg’s benefit is if he finished in 2nd place or higher (despite his 4th place standings in chips at the time of the rejection.) As it turned out, wernitschg finished in 3rd place for $20,700 – almost $3,000 less then he would have received had he accepted the deal.

2nd place: ChipReloader $33,000 15 Hands Won

ChipReloader was the second best player at the table and also happened to come in second. He made a number of smart plays and was the only member of the final table other than jdshane who stood up to Ugga_Chak. We’ve already talked about the strong re-raise he put on jdshane and in hand 7199288733, he doubled up with Aces through Ugga himself. ChipReloader put up a better fight than anyone else did and made $33,000 for a second place finish.

1st Place: Ugga_Chak $60,000 44 Hands Won 2 Splits

There were 102 hands played at the final table of the July 6th PP 300K, one player won 44 of them for an astonishing 43%. Ugga_Chak came into the final table the big stack with about 900K, then after taking all of jdshane’s 700K with AQ Ugga became a tyrant. He would raise 5 hands in a row and win all of them pre-flop. He would re-raise on the flop from the big blind and take pots. He won races and put bad beats on people. Finally, no one would even call his big blind (he won 6 different pots when the table folded around to him in the big blind.) He made a few missteps (like doubling up ChipReloader) but the vast number of hands that he won made up for all mistakes.

In a fitting final hand, 7199365588 saw Ugga_Chak change up his game and trap ChipReloader. Ugga slowplayed his pocket Kings and let the small stack hang himself. Ugga planned a great time to trap as the monstrous $50K/$100K level 24 blinds forced ChipReloader to attack every hand or face being blinded out.

It is Ugga_Chak who should be most grateful for wernitschg’s rejection of the proposed deal, as Ugga made $12,000 more than what he stood to have earned in the deal.

Tight Poker Staff


Tight Poker Staff

For nearly two decades, we’ve provided the best in class for poker site reviews, top online poker bonuses, strategy tips, poker news, and exclusive free poker content.  Consisting of a team of poker and gambling experts, we deliver the best online poker brand experience for players of all levels, from the fish to the sharks.
For nearly two decades, we’ve provided the best in class for poker site reviews, top online poker bonuses, strategy tips, poker news, and exclusive free poker content.  Consisting of a team of poker and gambling experts, we deliver the best online poker brand experience for players of all levels, from the fish to the sharks.