I have to admit that I was rooting for fud9990. Maybe it was the Steve Dannenmann effect, but I could not help myself from wanting to see fud9990 pull it out.

After all, fud9990 had not paid one penny to get into the $215 buy in
Party Poker $300,000 guaranteed NL Hold’em weekly. Rather, he had won not one, but two separate freerolls to gain entry. And like Dannenmann in the 2005
WSOP Main Event, he was loving every minute of it. But we’ll get to fud9990 in due time; here is analysis of every player at the final table and what they accomplished (all dollar values are in USD.)

10. $2,850/ chubbytobby/ 1 Hand Won

chubbytobby came into the final as the small stack with a shade over 240,000 in chips. He was able to take down one pot with a pre-flop all-in that went uncalled. Despite his short stack status, chubby had been against a possible deal at the time of his elimination from seat 8.

9. $4,050/ Aegishjalmr/ 0 Hands Won

Aegishjalmr entered the final table with a sizeable chip stack of about 700,000. In the very first hand of the final table, he issued a pre-flop raise only to fold to a re-raise from eventual winner Mamanya. Aegishjalmr had been for a deal at the time of his elimination from seat 5.

8. $5,250/ actionjambo/ 2 Hands Won

Though actionjambo came into the final table with the third smallest chip stack at approximately 370,000, he made his presence felt by taking down two pots without being called. As the final table started with level 19 blinds (15,000/30,000 blinds) those two pots spelled out more than 100,000 in chips for the eventual 8th place finisher. actionjambo had been against a possible deal at the time of his elimination from seat 10.

7. $7,950/ BolePena/ 5 Hands Won/ 1 Player Eliminated

BolePena could very well have been the best player at the final table. He came into the final table as the second smallest stack at $315,000 yet still managed to win 5 hands. He picked off a few gnetaren bluffs, took out Aegishjalmr all the while building his stack up to about 650,000. Hand 7235452322 saw Mamanya raise to 110,000 from late position with the blinds at 20K/40K. BolePena sniffed out the position bluff and went all-in for another 190K. With the pot at about 500,000 and Mamanya with more than 700K, the eventual winner failed to call the additional 190,000 folding with almost 3-1
Pot Odds. BolePena was eliminated because of going all-in from the small blind after picking up A6 by then chip leader I_I_A_I_I, who woke up with pocket nines. BolePena was the only player in favor of a deal at the time of his elimination from seat 1.

6. $10,700/ Madie222/ 3 Hands Won

It would be unfair to call Madie222 a final table wallflower even though Madie did steer clear of most action. He entered the final table in decent chip position with about 533,000 yet by the time of his elimination he had only taken down 3 pots. Like every other player remaining at the final table at the time of his elimination, Madie222 was against a possible deal. He had been positioned in seat 4.

5. $13,800/ I_I_A_I_I/ 4 Hands Won/ 1 Player Eliminated

I_I_A_I_I entered final table as the chip leader with more than 1,600,000 yet inexplicably, remained uninvolved in most of the action. After climbing up to more than 2.6 million in chips through eliminating BolePena, I_I_A_I_I didn’t do much but lose a big hand to Mamanya. He was eliminated by Hagbart55 in a vicious suckout: hand 7235492297 saw I_I_A_I_I go all-in for his remaining 800K with AK against Hagbart55’s AQ. Unfortunately for I_I_A_I_I, a rivered straight gave Hagbart the victory and I_I_A_I_I a fifth place finish. I_I_A_I_I was another player against a deal at the time of his elimination from seat 2.

4. $16,350/ gnetaren/ 7 Hands Won/ 1 Player Eliminated

gnetaren came into the final table as the second big stack with about 1,300,000 chips and a keen desire to use every last one of them. gnetaren issued raise after raise after raise and while he took down a healthy number of pots, he also began to lose chips to re-raises especially from Mamanya. Despite his many raises, gnetaren stayed right around 1,000,000 up until his elimination at the hands of Mamanya. gnetaren had been in favor of a deal at the time of his elimination from seat 7.

3. $20,700/ Hagbart55/ 13 Hands Won/ 2 Players Eliminated

Hagbert55 entered final table play with $720,000 in chips and eliminated 2 players en route to an outright 3rd place finish. I question his reticence to dealmaking: at one point, the final three players each had approximately 2.4 million in chips, yet only fud9990 favored a deal; if the players had reached a deal along the guidelines of chip counts at that point, each would have received about $35,000. Hagbart55 was against a deal at the time of his elimination from seat 6.

2. $41,000 (deal)/ fud9990/ 19 Hands Won
Heads Up Statistics: 12 Hands Won, began with 2,200,000 in chips

fud9990 had no business at the final table. Forget the fact that he had to win two separate freerolls to gain entry to the $215 tourney, he took 1.3 million in chips in back-to-back suckouts leading into the final table. Hand 7235410957 saw fud’s pocket eights find a flush on the river against geirto_’s flopped set of Kings, then in hand 7235420489 fud’s JQ beat Black_1988’s A9. fud9990 routinely limped into hands out of position at the final table (see hand 7235461660) with no intention of trapping. He was chirpy; constantly writing in CAPS LOCK glory to the final table about how he had won two freerolls and how he “couldn’t believe this.” He was obviously a micro-stakes hobbyist who found the right run of luck at the right time and you could feel his joy all the way across the World Wide Web. Now, he wasn’t a pushover at the final table either – far from it. His 19 Hands Won was the most of any player and his 12 Hands Won Heads up was more than Mamanya’s. And in a move reminiscent of Chris Moneymaker’s 2003
WSOP Main Event call on Dutch Boyd, in hand 7235532570, fud called Mamanya down with nothing but a pair of deuces with a three kicker for more than 2,300,000. The Heads up battle between Mamanya and fud9990 saw Mamanya start with a commanding 5,000,000 to 2,200,000 chip advantage, then (after hand 7235532570) saw the chip count swing to 4,800,000 – 2,400,000 in favor of fud, then back again to 4,577,416 to 2,822,584 (the final count) in favor of Mamanya. Why such violent swings in chip counts? 40,000/80,000 + 2,000 blinds will do that.

1. $52,000 (deal)/ Mamanya/ 15 Hands Won/ 3 Players Eliminated
Heads Up: 11 Hands won, began with 5,000,000 in chips

I did not like Mamanya. After flopping a full house in hand 7235486284 and trapping I_I_A_I_I for 3,100,000, Mamanya spoke for the first time at the final table and called I_I_A_I_I a “fish.” First of all, the flop came Q Q 5 with Mamanya holding pocket fives and I_I_A_I_I holding A10. I_I_A_I_I issued a continuation bet with his Ace high, which Mamanya called. Then an Ace came on the turn and I_I_A_I_I bet again – this was far from fishy play from I_I_A_I_I; this was hitting an Ace at the wrong time. I_I_A_I_I – who was the overwhelming chip lead at the time – then put Mamanya all-in on the river blank and Mamanya rode that stack to a big deal. But why call the guy “fishy” especially when it was not a totally fishy play? And then, with all of the nerve of an Enron executive, when fud9990 and Mamanya finally entered dealmaking mode and fud9990 asked if the approximately $49,000 – 43,000 split generated by
Party Poker itself through chip counts was fine; Mamanya responded “No. I wanna little more.” This, after getting called down by someone holding a pair of deuces with a three kicker for more than 2 million! Luckily for Mamanya, the jubilant fud9990 was thrilled with the $41,000 offer ($41,000 on 2 freerolls – congratulations to fud9990!) and took it.

We’ll see you next week for the July 27th $215 Buy-In Weekly
Party Poker $300,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool No Limit Texas Hold’em Tournament.

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