US poker players will be sure to rejoice together with the exuberant poker player Scott Stanko, who recently won a WSOPC gold ring when he defeated a long string of opponents at the World Series of Poker Circuit or the WSOPC.
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Scott Stanko showed his poker skills and good playing tactics when he went up against almost 300 poker players in the WSOPC Council Bluffs event that was held in Iowa. Stanko held up against all these players for 3 days of the event and soon emerged as the leader. Unlike the World Series of Poker events which award players gold bracelets, the WSOP Circuit gives out rings and the poker player was awarded a gold ring for his win. Stanko walked away with $101,266 more than he came with when he won the first prize.
After Scott Stanko, a poker pro from Nebraska who is in his thirties, emerged as the chip leader and won the event he was ecstatic. “What’s so great about winning here in Council Bluffs is I got my undergrad at the University of Nebraska and had a bunch of my friends here watching. It was great hanging out with them all weekend and it’s a great feeling,” Stanko announced once he had won, revealing his elation.
The WSOP Circuit 2012 held in Iowa featured a $1,600 Main Event which saw Stanko get dealt a Qc-10c. Stanko managed to maintain his chip leader position for a long time and even extended it when he got a good hand from the dealer.
Stanko managed to eliminate several of his opponents at the WSOP Circuit 2012 main event at Iowa and these included the likes of Jeremy Jagoda, Stephen Ma and Casey Cavanaugh. Ma was sent out after the River while Cavanaugh had to walk away soon after that.
His final showdown at the WSOP Circuit 2012 held in Iowa took place between himself and Charles Moore. The latter player proved to be a strong opponent and pulled the game for 2 hours. Eventually, Moore was defeated by Stanko’s hand of A – 9 and took home $62,584 prize money for the runner up position.
According to Scott Stanko, “I came to the Circuit looking to gauge my poker skills against some of the best and I’m thrilled to have had the best run of anyone in Council Bluffs. I’m excited to have a crack at a bracelet in the National Championship. Bring on Hellmuth!”

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