Three police officers in Scotland who were filmed nude while playing a game of strip poker were reported for engaging in public indecency. A viral video of the officers showed them naked and drinking beer in a private apartment. Inquiries on the matter are currently in progress, as per a police force spokesperson.

Cops Might Be Fired

Currently, the Campbeltown cops are facing the threat of losing their jobs if pronounced guilty in a potential criminal trial. According to a spokesperson from Scotland Police, the officers – two males and a woman, will be reported to the Procurator Fiscal on charges of public indecency. The move was met with dissent from the police and legal sources.
Deeming the action utterly ridiculous, a senior police officer condemned the police force’s decision to report the officers as ‘stupid’ and went on to predict that the procurator would dismiss the case. The officer added that the cops were targeted because of their profession and that they were the victims of a criminal breach of privacy.
A legal source stated that while the officers were stupid enough not to pull the curtains before engaging in the act, they did not consent to be videographed during it. What was a private activity among willing adults has now become a public spectacle.
Moreover, the source added that if the officers are prosecuted, it would be an unnecessary move as their reputation was already maligned, and they might face admonishment from the police department. Further, the source suspected that the person who filmed the video was probably on the same floor and had access to the window view to film the officers.

The Risque Game of Strip Poker

According to the investigation, the reported officers shared that they were playing a game of strip poker after a night out. Strip poker is an edgier variant of poker, where people gamble with clothes instead of money or poker chips. Consenting partners, close friends, or anyone comfortable taking off clothing can play strip poker.
The game operates on mutual trust and understanding. Strip poker players usually do not engage non-consenting individuals as exposure or nudity might be a sensitive matter for them.
Each element of one’s attire has a specific value in strip poker, often decided by the players themselves. The rules are more or less similar as in regular poker, however, the loser takes off an item they are wearing, as specified. The winner gets to keep their respective clothing. Players can also put more clothing at risk and raise the bet to continue the game.
However, strip poker does not follow the quintessential rules of poker, as they can be improvised at the players’ convenience. Players do not have to sacrifice all their clothes, as the game is ended when the losers are down to their undergarments and admit defeat. Sometimes, a game-over point is also set to mark a safe limit in the game.

Makers Could Be Prosecuted For Unconsented Video

Amidst suspicions that the video was made illegally, Scotland Police confirmed that the search is on for the individual/s who was behind the viral footage. The police are still trying to determine whether filming the officers without their consent would constitute a crime or not. The makers of the video could be prosecuted as well, given the fact that it is illegal to make and distribute unconsented video footage of people in intimate and vulnerable situations in Scotland.
Regarding the involved officers’ prosecution, the Crown Office and the Procurator Fiscal Service will take a call on the matter. A source close to the current investigation disclosed that the cops were redeployed to Dunoon and Lochgilphead.