The Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem recently added 11 brand new poker gaming tables to their casino floor and has been drawing large crowds ever since the day of the launch. Earlier this year since the 18th of July, discussions were underway about table games and the casino recorded a strong demand for more poker tables. The Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem then decided to add 11 new poker tables to their existing offering of 12 poker tables. This makes a total of 23 poker tables that the Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem is now hosting.
The Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem opened out its new table son the 17th of December at 9 am in the morning. Staff noted that the poker tables, which were known to be fairly slow in the early part of the day, began to attract a rush of gamblers and fill up before noon when the new tables were added. Over a hundred people were noted to be playing at the new tables by 11 am in the morning.
David Urie, Manager of Sands Poker was extremely pleased with the turnout and expected all 23 poker tables to reach capacity by the afternoon of launch day. “It’s been the strongest morning room I’ve ever seen. Late this afternoon, they’ll all be packed. Twelve tables were difficult with the amount of poker players around here,” he said,
Urie also mentioned that he expected all the 23 poker tables in the Sands Casino Resort to continue attracting large crowds up to capacity throughout the week. Robert DeSalvio, the President of the sands Casino claimed that “Poker really has been a tremendous success around here.”
One of the reasons for the success of these poker tables, in addition to the demand for poker playing, is their strategic placement on the casino floor. This is because the Sands Casino Resort has chosen to place all their poker tables near the food court and in the middle of the casino poker players are easily able to visit the tables on their way to and from the Cobalt Café and the Market Gourmet Express food court in the Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem.
“It’s right in the center of the action — they seem to like it. We give poker a real prominence in our company,” commented DeSalvio. He also mentioned that the casino was planning on adding a few more table games to their current offerings.

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