After more than a decade since his last seven-figure payday, Sami “LarsLuzak” Kelopuro managed to win more than $1.3 million within eight hours of a single high-stakes Pot-Limit Omaha session at partypoker.
During the online poker boom in the 2000s, Kelopuro was among the most popular players, regularly competing in high-stakes games using his Full Tilt moniker “LarsLuzak”. Throughout his career, he has played against the likes of Phil Ivey, Tom “durrrr” Dwan, and Gus Hansen. Kelopuro is considered an online poker legend and has continued to dominate the virtual tables at the world’s largest poker sites.
Kelopuro has been sharing his tournament performance with his fans around the world through a blog posted on Finnish site He was able to win his first major pot of the year while playing in a three-handed PLO cash game at PokerStars, where he took home $111,285. The Finnish poker pro has since been unstoppable, with an impressive run in August alone, grinding both the cash games and MTTs.
PLO Match With Unknown Opponent
Kelopuro was off to a great start this month, having pocketed over $235,000 by taking part in partypoker’s POWERFEST high-stakes tournament. This was followed by a massive victory in a $100/$200 PLO battle against a random player.
Kelopuro used the alias “ChimneyBarrel” as he engaged in an eight-hour PLO match against an unknown opponent. The Finnish pro was unable to recognize his rival but still decided to play anyway. The initial stages of play didn’t go well for Kelopuro, and at one point, he was $85,000 in the red.
He was afraid that his account could eventually run out of money but he just wouldn’t want to give up that early. A little later, Kelopur0 realized his opponent didn’t exactly know how to play and might just be gambling, and things started to turn around as the game progressed.
The Turning Point
Kelopuro, also known as “The Finn”, began to dominate the play after winning a huge pot worth $227,000. Sitting with more than $424,000 in front of him, Kelopuro went on to apply pressure on his opponent who kept reloading with $20,000 every few minutes. The Finnish player said his competitor was flipping with any four cards, and he felt like he was operating his own casino with a five-percent advantage.
Kelopuro’s opponent played aggressively, three-betting and four-betting almost 100% of the hands, with five-bets and six-bets also part of his gameplay. Kelopuro’s opponent managed to get $100,000 to his stack but never exceeded the $150,000 mark.
After eight long hours, Kelopuro’s opponent finally quit, losing over $1.3 million. The wild battle could have not ended there had his opponent decided to get more money on the table.
A victorious Kelopuro earned a whopping $1,403,932.15 in this 8 hour session. While he was previously clueless about who his opponent was, Kelopuro indicated he now has an idea, but he prefers to keep it private to show respect to his opponent.
Having won such a massive amount of money, partypoker froze Kelopuro’s account as standard procedure.  The player was concerned at first but his worries were eventually eased when the online poker operator finally cleared things and released his funds.
Just when he thought things couldn’t get better, Kelopuro triumphed in the live tournament arena, a proof that his skills are not limited to cash games. He topped five high-stakes events, and finished as runner-up in three. It earned him $400,000 in combined winnings. Sami Kelopuro’s excellent run in August saw him walk away with over $2.5 million in prize money.
Partypoker $30 million KO Series
Kelopuro’s online poker career has been marked by highs and lows, with 2009 being one of his most disastrous years, losing more than $4 million. After Black Friday, Kelopuro took a shot at PokerStars’ nosebleed games, but he had met with very little success.
The Finn has made a successful comeback in recent years and his incredible run in August proves that he is still one of the best online poker players in the world. Kelopuro is expected to continue to add to his online wins with partypoker’s highly-anticipated $30 million KO Series set to take place from 24 Nov to Dec 4, 2019.

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