Sam Trickett, who is widely acclaimed in the online poker gaming community for his success at poker cash games, has won a British Poker Award once again. In 2010, Trickett had received the Best New Player Award at the first British Poker Award ceremony, and this year, he has received the Best Cash Player Award at a glittering British Poker Awards ceremony held on the occasion of the Poker in the Park Festival recently.

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Trickett, who was born in Nottinghamshire, played his first live poker tournament in 2007 and won a cash prize. The very next year he started playing online poker and by March 2010, he had become famous as a specialist cash game player.

Trickett had always complained that he never got lucky at poker tournaments while claiming that he owes his success to cash games alone. Stating that he had lost £100,000 playing tournaments in 2010, he said that his success at cash games helped him overcome the loss. Voicing his opinion that the best poker players are all excellent at cash games, he said that only a few players like Phil Hellmuth play only poker tournaments.

In spite of his complaints, Trickett’s total tournament winnings in 2008 and 2009 were $497,472 and $94,894, respectively; and by 2011, he had won a total of $4,728,178 in tournament winnings alone. Today, Sam Trickett plays under the name of tr1cky7 at PokerStars and has build a huge bankroll of $346,718 at PokerStars. He is also one of the sponsored professional poker players at Titan Poker, the hottest European online poker room.

At the beginning of 2011, Trickett won a breathtakingly large sum of £1 million participating in a high-stakes cash game, which was run in Macau. He used the strategy of bluffing at a crucial point in the game and raised his chances of winning. As a result, he picked up a cool prize of £200,000. Recalling the incident, Trickett admitted to the poker media that he was intensely nervous and could feel his hands shaking. His opponent observed it, texted him a message stating “Nice bluff,” and assured him that he had felt the same way when he tried bluffing at a live poker tournament.

Besides Trickett, professional poker players such as John Duthie, Chris Moorman, Richard Ashby, Jake Cody, J. P. Kelly, Vicky Coren, Neil Channing, Roy Houghton, Jason Mercier, Matt Perrins, Kara Scott and many others also won British Poker Awards this year.

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