Ryan Dykhouse beat an impressive player field of 517 to win the Mid-States Poker Tour (MSPT) 2014 tournament held at FireKeepers.

The final table results are as follows. As the winner and the runner-up of the tournament, Ryan Dykhouse and Mark Johnson won $124,500 and $70,000, respectively. The players who finished third, fourth, and fifth were Adam Friedman ($45,000), Jeremy Ehrke ($35,740), and Nick Pupillo ($28,000), respectively. The players who finished sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth were Phung Ngo ($23,000), Steve Anderson ($18,250), Jim Dominique ($14,250), and Chad Bienz ($10,000), respectively.

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As many as 98 players returned for the Day 2 action to play for the titles of MSPT Champion and Michigan State Champion. Dykhouse had survived through Day 1b and found himself in Day 2 with the 49th biggest chip stack. Among the notable players who busted before reaching the final table were Patrick Steele, who finished 46th; Michael Ross, who finished 35th; Dash Dudley, who finished 26th; and Jean Gaspard, who finished 16th.

Players Chad Bienz, Jim Dominique, and Nik Stone narrowly missed the championship title and so did Steve Anderson, a regular at the tournament. The next player to bust was Phung Ngo, indicating that things were going to get better for Dykhouse. Nick Pupillo was eliminated in the fifth position because his Ace of Diamonds and Queen of Diamonds proved no match for Dykhouse’s Queen of Clubs and King of Clubs, especially when the flop showed a King. Although Jeremy Ehrke began as the chip leader, he couldn’t survive further than the fourth place.

The three surviving players—Friedman, Mark Johnson, and Dykhouse—played hard for a long time, and ultimately, Friedman had to quit in the third place, leaving Johnson and Dykhouse playing for the title. Dykhouse, who was in the chip lead, was fully in control of the game and ultimately eliminated Johnson. As a result, Dykhouse finished the game as the champion while runner-up Johnson took home a cash prize of $70,000. Dykhouse also nabbed the prestigious titles of MSPT FireKeepers Champion and Michigan State Poker Champion.

The MSPT 2014 will next stop at the Meskwaki Casino, from November 1 to November 9. The highlight of the stop will be a $1,100 buy-in, $300,000 guaranteed Main Event, which will be held on November 7. PokerNews.com will cover the entire event live. Those interested in getting extra details can visit the official MSPT website at MSPTPoker.com.

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