New Jersey’s online gambling industry is close to three years old and a recent study by Rutgers University turned up some interesting facts on budding online gambling market. The study confirmed what is common to most businesses that a small portion of online gamblers were the ones contributing to more than fifty percent of wagers. The study revealed that around 3,000 online gamblers in New Jersey were places more than fifty percent of total wagers.

The study which was released by New Jersey Gaming Regulators showed that 5.3 percent of gamblers only played online while 19.2 percent of gamblers preferred to play online and also in brick & mortar casinos. While New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware were the only three states to legalize online gambling so far, New Jersey accounted for 90 percent of the online gambling market in the United States.

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There are five online gambling providers in New Jersey who operate a total of 14 skins. The study showed that while hundreds of thousands of online player accounts were created on these sites, only 28 percent of these accounts played for real money. Close to 69 percent of online gamblers preferred to play with just one online poker site, 19 percent preferred to play with two online poker sites and three percent had accounts on five or more online poker sites. Only 0.14 percent of players were reported to have accounts with all the legalized online poker sites in New Jersey.

The majority of online poker players were men account for nearly 76.7 percent of the market and the remaining 23 percent were women poker players. Since all online gambling websites operate on a 24/7 basis, it was no surprise that a lot of the online gambling activity were recording during non-working hours. The average age of online gamblers in New Jersey was pegged at 35 when compared to the average age of 38.29 for gamblers who preferred brick and mortar casinos.

The study also revealed that one online gambler’s cashed out with $78.76 million in total prize money in 2015 and one of the gamblers who played online was 98 years old. PokerStars, the biggest online poker website in the world launched earlier this year in New Jersey and there is a strong possibility that both the number of online gamblers and the amount of wagers in 2016 would have increased.

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