Europe’s poker gaming community is eagerly waiting for the Russian Poker Tour (RPT), which promises to turn out to be one of the biggest events of this season. It will be held at Minsk in Belarus from September 17 – 27, 2015.

Casino Emir will host this event, which promises to have something for all poker players. Professional poker players from all over the world will get an opportunity to not only play poker, but also admire the beauty of Belarus and join the fabulous poker parties that have contributed greatly to the popularity of the RPT.

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The organizers said: “After the success of our last series in Minsk back in June, we didn’t have to think too hard about where to hold the Grand Final. We knew it had to be Minsk. Several months ago, while getting ready for the stage in Minsk, we didn’t expect such a great interest to the series, especially as the World Series of Poker were running at the same time in Las Vegas. However, we had full house every day and all 43 tables were occupied by our guests regularly.”

The RPT will celebrate the season’s last tournament with 10 action-packed days of poker, comprising a total 24 tournaments. The highlight will be a grand final event with a buy-in of $1,100, which will be played on September 23 – 26, and a main event with a buy-in of $550, which will be played on September 17 – 21. The organizers say that as many as 700 players are expected to take part in the main event. They say: “The minimum expected prize pool is of $1,500,000.”

The event also comprises a number of Omaha tournaments, a $300 buy-in OFC Poker Heads Up Championship, and a SuperStack tournament with a buy-in of $1,500, along with several Under Pressure Knockout tournaments and break-free tournaments with buy-ins of $300.

The Under Pressure events will be held in “high-pressure locations,” which is what makes them special. For example, one such event was played at a karaoke club. However, the organizers want to keep their location a secret.

Among the players who are expected to take part in the event are Kirill Rodionov and Andrey Patechuk. The organizers said: “We are sure that in September 2015, the Grand Final will host many more guests, including amateurs and pros who skipped the previous event in Minsk because they were in Las Vegas.”

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