Ronnie Pease has become the champion of the Card Player Poker Tour (CPPT) Foxwoods $1650 NL Hold’em $300k Guaranteed Main Event.

At the end of Day 1A of the event, Pease was the chip leader and there were just 22 players left in the field. At the end of Day 2, Pease continued to retain the chip lead over the 13 finalists. The final hand of the event was played after thirteen-and-a-half hours of final table action. Ultimately, it was Pease’s hand that triumphed over his opponent Chris Tryba’s hand. Pease later said: “Chris is a friend. It was weird playing heads-up with a friend but it was fun. He is a really good player and it’s cool to get heads-up with a friend. It was a long battle but I’m happy.”

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Towards the end of the heads-up play, which lasted for around four hours, the two players decided to split the pot equally. And after playing for around 11 hours, they agreed that each player would get a guaranteed pot of $85,000 and the winner would receive the excess of $12,693 along with the championship title.

Tryba was the chip leader when the heads-up match began, but Pease worked hard to achieve the lead position by the time the two made their deal. Pease said: “I had pretty much wire to wire chiplead but the low points were pretty low. It was different to have to change gears, but at the same time, when you play tournaments and play poker for a living you have to be able to switch it up. You can’t always be gas pedal when you lose that chip lead. You have to change your strategy.”

Having won the tournament, Pease earned 480 Card Player Player of the Year (POY) points in addition to the trophy and the prize money.

Two other Main Event finalists performed very well. Mike Jarvela began with the shortest stack, but he played smartly and finished in the third place in spite of his short stack. He took home a prize of $45,760.

Frank Paul, who finished fourth, also played extremely well. Paul won an entry into the Main Event by taking part in a $200 buy-in satellite qualifier. A truck driver by profession, Paul plays poker recreationally.

The players who finished fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth were Ben Bianco ($26,714), Mark Lieberman ($21,767), Brad St. Vincent ($17,809), Josh Albin ($14,898), and Anthony Roberto ($10,898).

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