Many thought that Harry Reid has done all he could to get US online poker legalized at the federal level, but Reid himself begs to differ.

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While Reid’s office has not made any official statement, several reliable sources in the industry have made public statements that Reid is making preparations to launch yet another attempt to get US online poker legalized and regulated at the federal level while preventing the expansion of other online gambling forms. Reportedly, both New Jersey and Nevada are going to support Reid.

Simultaneously, readers should note that all these are just rumors and that no official confirmation has yet been made. Reportedly, Reid intends to amend the federal Wire Act of 1961 to ban all forms of online gambling with the exception of online poker, but permit states that have already legalized other forms of online gambling to continue with the existing state of affairs.

The federal government would give Nevada and New Jersey the power to regulate the online poker industry, while states with Indian tribes and gambling regulation boards will be permit to grant gambling licenses.

Reportedly, Sheldon Adelson is rumored to be one of the supporters of this move, in spite of the fact that he had recently voiced his opinions against online gambling. However, neither Sheldon Adelson nor any of the states rumored to be extending their support to Reid have issued any confirmation.

Industry experts say that the recent developments in the California gambling industry might have motivated this move. Nevada’s casino gaming companies are apprehensive about California since they feel that they will lose their customers if California regulates online casinos in its jurisdictions. This fear might have forced Caesars to join hands with Adelson.

Besides, California, which has already announced its unwillingness to enter into interstate gambling compacts, might hurt the chances of both New Jersey and Nevada to grab a share of the global online gaming market.

If the federal government passes a poker-only bill banning all other forms of online gambling, California will have lost the big chance to expand into the online gambling sector. The state would still be permitted to offer online poker, but will no longer be able to consider offering other forms of online gambling. If US states such as Massachusetts and Pennsylvania fail to pass an online gambling bill quickly, they too will end up as losers. If all the above-mentioned rumors are true, these states have to act soon.