The odds of catching a smile on Senator Harry Reid’s face are almost as slim as the odds of winning a huge poker jackpot online. Reid, aged 71, is satisfied about winning a fifth term last month and his plans are to defeat opponent Robert Byrd and become the Congress member who has served the longest in American history, which might happen in the next quarter of a century. His supporters are already unhappy over the way he treats them.
Celebrating his political success at MGM, Harrah’s and others, the Nevada Senator expressed his desire to push a bill legalizing, regulating, and taxing online poker. Ironically, Reid was a staunch opponent of online poker till he realized that he actually supports it. He hurriedly drafted the bill in a bid to push it during the lame duck session because he might not have the majority in January 2011. Besides, he also plans to accomplish debt-spending resolutions, ratify START Treaty, and remove the president’s tax-cut deals, among many other things.
Meanwhile, the Republican Senator Mitch McConnell has successfully gotten Democrats to raise trivial objections to the extension of the Bush’s tax-cut deals, lower social security payroll taxes, estate tax modifications, business investment tax, and so on. President Obama has also realized that he had better extend the tax-cut deals right away than have the Republicans vote to extend them the following month, which would mean that Obama will not even get the credit of signing these significant deals. Moreover, a recently publicized Gallup poll reveals that extension of unemployment benefits and tax cuts are very popular among American citizens.
It certainly looks as if the president and the Republicans are in harmony with American citizens over the important tax-cut bills. Obama’s objective of signing these deals is to ensure his re-election in 2012; moreover he almost ignored Nancy and Reid during the deal-making process last December weekend. These are the reasons Reid plans to introduce Internet poker into the tax-cut deal and give it a free ride during the lame duck session. Reid’s cramming of the tax-cut bill with irrelevant projects such as online poker might hinder the progress of the important tax-cut extension because others might get Reid’s bright idea of introducing their favorite projects into the bill.
The Republicans are absolutely sure that Internet poker has no chances. However, Reid’s new proposition is sure to win him the popularity he craves among the online poker loving community.

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