European Poker players will be interested to know that the Redbet LIVE poker festival will be coming to Malta during October 10th to 18th 2016. Redbet has already hosted successful poker festivals in Europe during 2016 as the Olomouc and Rozvadov stops attracted more than 1,000 poker player registrations.

The Redbet LIVE poker festival is now into its third year and has proved to be a popular poker tour in Europe. The poker festival is unique from most of the other big name poker festivals in Europe as this tour focuses on low stake games and on the recreational poker market. The brand has promoted a poker tour over the last couple of years that involves having fun at the poker table and enjoying exotic locations at the same time. The Main Event in Malta has a €350 buy-in.

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Although the Redbet LIVE poker festival has low-stake poker games, the tour still takes place at well known casinos. The poker festival will be held at the Casino Malta and is expected to attract a number of professional European poker players. The Olomouc and Rozvadov stops also had €350 buy-ins and succeeded in generating over €40,000 in prize money for the main event.

In a statement, Marcin Jablonski, the head of Redbet LIVE poker said “Whether you’re a serious low-stakes regular, or just a recreational player looking to play in a game with a decent prize-pool for a low buy-in, we know that Redbet LIVE is a great option for you. In recent years, we felt that the poker market was too heavily focused on nosebleed stakes and professional players, and we want to offer an aspirational festival that doesn’t require re-mortgaging your house to play.”

Jablonski stated that the tour has been successful so far because there is a big market in Europe for low-stake poker games and the Malta edition is also expected to draw a strong player pool as the event will also have extensive media coverage. Jablonski is confident that a number of recreational poker players will plan their holidays in Malta and at the same time take part in the tour.

The Redbet LIVE brand is also looking to attract a lot of Maltese poker players and is conducting a special six part series of ‘Hunter’, which is the brand’s exciting format. The player who eliminates the most number of players on Day2, will received a ticket to the €350 main event.

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