The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is by far the most popular poker tournament in the world and provides poker players with a number of opportunities to become millionaires as the WSOP hosts a number of 7 figure events during the 6 week long tournament that takes place every year during the months of June and July at the Rio in Las Vegas.
Colossus III
The Colossus is one of those multi-million dollar events at the WSOP and attracts thousands of players ever since it was introduced at the WSOP in 2015. The Colossus is also one of the most difficult events to win because of the large playing field and Colossus III which took place at the 2017 WSOP last week was no different.
The event saw a total of 18,054 registrations as the Colossus III format allowed players to re-enter multiple times and tournament organizers stated that one player entered the event as many as twelve times. The event had a buy-in of $565 and officially became the third biggest event to be held in WSOP history. Colossus II had a $7 million guaranteed prize pool and a $1 million prize which went to the eventual winner Brian Keeline, who worked as an Uber driver. Colossus III also had a $1 million guarantee for the winner but the total prize pool was much bigger as the guarantee was fixed at $8 million.
Thomas Pomponio Wins 7 Figures
The Colossus III format meant that this guaranteed $8 million prize pool will be distributed to players in the six flights making it a more attractive tournament for the players as they knew that if they performed well they had a chance of getting a piece of the guaranteed prize money. In the end, it was New Jersey native Thomas Pomponio who held his nerve during the 6 day long event and eventually won the Colossus III along with $1 million in prize money.
Pomponio is not a professional poker player and has a day job as a butcher in New Jersey. He has been playing recreational poker for the last 10 years and his career prize money was a little over $10,000 prior to him winning the Colossus III. Pomponio used to play online poker in New Jersey a couple of times each week and took time off his job as a butcher to come to the 2017 WSOP.
Fulfils Dream Of Winning WSOP Bracelet
It is a decision he will never regret because the win has undoubtedly changed his life forever making him a millionaire overnight and opening up numerous possibilities for him. Pomponio stated that while he was thrilled at winning the Colossus III and a million dollars, what really thrilled him was winning a coveted WSOP gold-bracelet as it has been one of his dreams to get his hands on the gold for a long time.
Pomponio stated that the win was yet to sink in and he still wasn’t sure what he was going to do with the money. He said he will most likely use it to clear up his debt and help out his parents. He stated that as of now he plans to be back to work on Monday as a butcher and did not confirm if he planned to take part in any more high-roller events at the 2017 WSOP. This was the second 7 million event to be won at the 2017 WSOP, the first being the $111,111 buy-in High Roller for One Drop event which poker pro Doug Polk won, netting $3,686,865 in the process.
Colossus III Numbers Decline
The WSOP might want to have a re-look at the Colossus event and see if they can do something to in the 2018 edition to add more zest to it. While it has been very successful since its inception, Colossus numbers have been declining with each year. The 2015 Colossus event saw a total of 22,374 player registrations which dropped to 21,613 in 2016 and fell even further in 2017 with just 18,054 registrations. Colossus III saw player registrations from over 76 different countries with the youngest player being a little over 21 and the oldest player 93 years old.

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