Professional poker player Tom “Durrrr” Dwan was recently involved in several of the biggest online poker pots in history. The record breaking night took place at Full Tilt Poker on October 26th and saw Durrrr battle Sami "LarsLuzak" Kelopuro for a pot worth $618,000; Durrrr won the $618,000 with top pair and this turned out to be the largest pot ever in the history of online poker.

The record wouldn’t stand long though since Durrrr visited a different No-Limit Texas Hold’em table where WSOPE Main Event winner John Juanda was playing. The pot grew to $678,000 and Durrrr had the best poker odds to win the hand going in because he held pocket aces to Juanda’s pocket kings. However, it would be Juanda who would wind up with the better of the poker hands after a king fell on the river giving Juanda the $678,000 pot.

Poker legend Phil Ivey would get involved in the action next when and Juanda would play for a $687,500 pot; Durrrr only had $2,000 to bet after his crippling losses and this created a $6,000 side pot.Juanda’s flush draw never came about and Ivey ended up setting a new record after winning both the $687,500 pot and $6,000 side pot with a set of 10’s.

The record breaking night was not done though, because Ivey would once again be involved in another huge pot.This time the hand featured Ivey, Durrrr (after re-entering with more money) and Full Tilt regular Di “urindanger” Dang; the three would combine to create a pot of $724,000.Ivey eventually got out of the hand but Durrrr stayed in with pocket kings and was looking pretty good – until urindanger flipped over pocket aces to beat him.After winning the hand, urindanger set the new record for the largest online poker pot ever won at $724,000.

Tom “Durrrr” Dwan, who is one of the most respected online poker players in the world, is said to have lost over $400,000 total throughout the course of this record breaking night.However, losing this amount of money definitely won’t bankrupt Dwan since he regularly wins cash in $500/$1,000 No-Limit Hold’em ring games at Full Tilt.Dwan has also cashed for over $1 million in live tournaments too.

Di “urindanger” Dang is well known by those in the Full Tilt Poker community but has yet to gain notoriety throughout the entire poker world.After winning the $724,000 hand, Dang should definitely increase his fame among poker enthusiasts. 

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