The largest jackpot in online-poker history has just been hit at Absolute Poker. Yesterday KADI and her fellow players made some very tidy sums thanks to a very nasty beat which would have left any other player in tears.

Recent news pointed out that Absolute Poker’s Bad Beat Jackpot had reached record heights, breaking both its previous record of “only” $464,652.03 and the previous over-all record, which was Party Poker’s $739,621. Anticipation built up, and the bad beat tables were crowded and generating up to $2,000 an hour for the jackpot – if you consider that the jackpot took $0.50 from each pot you can get an idea of how much action there was.

Finally, it was hit yesterday at an all-time-high of $821,671: KADI had a near-unbeatable 10-high straight flush, and lost to a King-high straight flush. The stuff of nightmares! Not in this case, though: after all the deductions were taken out, she still managed to earn a cool $267,043 and feel smug next to the winner of the hand, who took home “just” $133,521. All other players in the hand had a good reason to toast KADI too, as they all walked away $33,380 the richer.

The next Absolute Poker jackpot was seeded with $205,418, and play has resumed in anticipation of the next big win.

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