DISCLAIMER: The following is not the advice of a professional economic expert and any consequences from the actions taken by any reader is the sole responsibility of the reader.

PartyGaming plc (owner and operator of Party Poker amongst other holdings) has announced its inclusion into the prestigious FTSE4Good Index. This comes amidst news of US Rep. Barney Frank’s (D – MA)in his quest against the UIGEA.

Of course, all of this occurs under the specter of impending Multi-National Economic Depression. Not only has the US market plummeted but the Russian Stock Market was forced to close early on Wednesday, September 17th to protect itself from its own collapse (two major indicators of the Russian market, the RTS and MICEX Indexes reflected one-day losses of 11.47% and 17.45% respectively.)

The two dominant international economic super powers of the 20th Century are bracing for disaster.

And Party Poker is poised to spike in value. I may not be any sort of economic expert, but I can still recognize when the winds are blowing in someone’s favor.

First of all, PartyGaming just earned a major carrot in the form of that FTSE endorsement. To be listed on the FTSE4GoodIndex means that the guys behind Party Poker have met the highest international corporate standards in providing socially responsible and valuable work to the public. Bear in mind that this is a company that works in internet gaming and gambling we’re talking about here – to get officially recognized as a good guy in this industry is a rare and unique accolade to say the least.

Secondly, with the World Series of Poker Main Event Table moved back to November 9 to allow for up to the moment ESPN coverage, the public thirst for poker is going to keep growing for the next few months. That growth could provide a great spark in the momentum of the company’s value as the US market undergoes potentially monumental self-revisions.

Make no mistake, the fiscal benefits of a potential victory for Frank and friends in dampening or all together disempowering the UIGEA to PartyGaming would be industry shifting.

Seriously, industry shifting.

Remember back to October 13, 2006 the day that the UIGEA was passed, an entirely unrelated piece of pork on the back of a bill concerned with raising anti-terrorist safety standards in sea ports. On that day, Party Poker went from the most-trafficked poker site in the history of the world to a crumbling company on life-support, having lost 65% of its stock value overnight.


PartyGaming changed the business plan up; it immediately restructured itself to go after both the international markets (especially EU members) and the casino games and bingo audiences. Now, two years later, Party Poker is the biggest non-US poker site or network in the world and PartyGaming has diversified its sources of income to capitalize on Bingo and casino games.

The current king of the poker traffic is Poker Stars, more than doubling up the traffic of its closest competitor, Full Tilt. But both of those sites do the brunt of their business with the US audience, whom they have chosen at personal risk to remain open to – Party Poker, number 3 in the world according to pokerscout.com does not do any business with the biggest market in the world.

If and when that market is officially reopened to PartyGaming and its flagship Party Poker, the ramifications to the fiscal landscape of online gaming could be as profound as instantaneous.

So if you have some money in the markets or are looking for a way in, take a hard look at PartyGaming (PRTY.L : LSE) because the clouds seem to be gathering for a monster economic hurricane and you’ll want to be as safe as you can:

PartyGaming is an industry standard in an international industry featuring its biggest sectors of growth in the Chinese and European markets all the while it continues to be legally blocked from the biggest market in the world (US.) It has a uniquely diversified source of income strategy and seasonal interest in the product is about to reach a big high (the table post-Moneymaker AND virtually live on ESPN on November 9.) And most importantly, official legislative mechanisms are underway to remove the blocks between Party Poker and the US market.

There’s a lot pointing up for PartyGaming and when the big news comes (because there is just no way that the is going to survive as currently constructed, there are just too many major opponents) you’ll want to be in on the international entity most positioned to benefit.

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