Players Mamanya and fud9990 agreed to a $52,000 – $41,000 split in favor of then chip leader Mamanya to end the July 20th Party Poker $300,000 Guaranteed Weekly NL Hold’em tournament. Here are the top ten finishers and their respective prize moneys:

1. Mamanya $52,000 (deal)
2. fud9990 $41,000 (deal)
3. Hagbert55 $20,700
4. gnetaren $16,350
5. I_I_A_I_I $13,800
6. Madie222 $10,700
7. BolePena $7,950
8. actionjambo $5,250
9. Aegishjalmr $4,050
10. chubbytobby $2,850

1,480 players entered into the $215 buy-in NL Hold’em tournament spelling out an overlay of more than $25,000 in the weekly $300,000 guaranteed prize pool extravaganza.

Of note was the peculiar deal reached between Mamanya and fud9990. While the exact numbers of every deal reached in the biggest Party Poker weekly over the past 4 months have been nothing more than ratifications of the chip count percentages that Party Poker itself puts forth, Mamanya and fud9990 actually negotiated the final numbers of their own deal. After a 23 hand Heads up session with a more than 12 million chip swing left Mamanya and fud9990 in virtually the same chip positions they had been in coming into Heads up play, dealmaking mode was initiated and the players agreed upon a $52,000 – $41,000 split of the remaining $93,000 in prize money.

For a complete analysis of the July 20th Party Poker $300K, follow this link Second Guesses: July 20th Party Poker 300K.

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