It won’t be long until a preschooler wins a WSOP bracelet, as soon as they remove that old-fashioned age minimum. Steve Billirakis won the Mixed Hold’em tournament at the ripe age of 21 years and 11 days, breaking Jeff Madsen’s record – he was 21 and a month when he won last year.  Billirakis takes home a bracelet, a $536,287 prize, and a near-unbeatable “youngest-ever” record, until someone comes around to winning a bracelet on their 21st birthday.

Event #2, the Casino Employees World Championship, was won by 24-year-old Eric Narciso, a poker dealer and rap music artist. The $467,500 prize should come in handy to promote his demo album “Cuz Actionz Speak Louder Than Wordz.” (Sic) …and perhaps to hire someone to check his spelling.

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