After the recent “cease and desist” letter was sent out to the Poker Table Ratings site, and PokerStars received no response from them, the poker room decided to take action against the data mining site in an effort to protect its players’ privacy.

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Lee Jones, the head of hone poker games at the poker room, made a strong statement about their plan of action and forced the the Poker Table Ratings site to sit up and take notice. Jones stated “We believe that a poker player shouldn’t have information and data about his opponents except from hands he’s actually played. “This is particularly important to protect new and/or weak players, who often don’t even know that they’re sitting in their opponents’ cross-hairs. Furthermore, a small — but noticeable — boorish crowd routinely tells weaker players at their table how bad they are, based on these data-mined statistics. This creates an unpleasant environment and is bad for the players, bad for the game, bad for everybody. We have a responsibility as the leading enterprise in this industry to stop that kind of abuse.”

After this, Poker Table Ratings has complied with the request of PokerStars and has removed all the data associated with players from that poker room.   PTR members will no longer be able to view the hand history of PokerStars’ players and as a result, the players at the online poker room in question are very happy.

Poker Table Ratings not only removed all the data associated with the PokerStars players from its site but also issued a statement, which claimed ‘We will fully adhere to the cease and desist notice by Stars, though we do not believe that we are a disservice to the online poker community.’

Players who try to access PTR info on PokerStars’ players will be greeted by the message: ‘Stars has requested that you not view your poker player profile on Please contact Stars support if you would like to see your profile made public again on PTR’.

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