The US government may not have considered some obvious facts regarding poker players in the United States, most of whom are young players make a living playing poker online at sites like PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker. Recent reports reveal that these US poker players would rather move to another country and continue playing poker rather than be an American citizen.

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Some poker forums have also listed countries that American poker players could consider moving to and the rules associated with online poker in these countries have been listed as well. Players can also play poker at PokerStars provided they can prove they are not physically playing in the United States and they have a bank account and a physical address outside the United States. Young poker players who do not have families would consider moving to another country easily.

Most American players are now considering Canada as their destination and although it is a great choice there are some shortcomings. The tax rates are almost 50% and that is extremely high on the scale for players who win big. Also, goods and services have 13% tax added to them. On the other hand, all the winnings in sports lotteries, at land based casinos and horse races or any other games of chance are tax free to be collected by the winner in full. And players will also have access to sites like Party Poker which is extremely tempting to poker professionals.

Although Canada is a great choice, moving to Canada may not all that easy for American poker players. The country considers contributions that can be made by immigrants to the country’s development while accepting their applications. Writing down “professional poker player” listed in the occupation section it is not easy to get into Canada. The easiest way to get into Canada is to have a job offer from a Canadian company. Another option poker players can consider is to apply for a temporary tourist visa and set up residence and play poker for a while to try it out in Canada, if they are not able to manage they can always return to the United States.

Another option an American player has is to move to Ontario in Canada. Ontario is in the middle of several gaming changes that might occur and those might benefit any online poker player in the near future. The sites are being set up and monitored, but all these are new ventures and professional help from those who have been dealing with such sites on a regular basis will always be welcome.

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