Many lives have been offset by the Black Friday shutdown and now professional US online poker players are facing dark days as their long standing stable income has been cut off. These online poker players are now struggling to make enough money to make ends meet.

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Brian Mogelefsky, is one amongst those whose luck has just turned from bad to worse. Brian moved to North Carolina along with his family after having faced a crisis in his career by the shutting down of his mortgage company due to the financial crisis that passed recently. Brian who had then turned to playing online poker to make ends meet is once again facing a crisis as even this mode of his income has been seized by the government.

John Pappas, the head of the Poker Players Alliance states that Brian’s story is just like that of around 50000 professional online poker players who have lost their primary income after the Black Friday indictments and shutdown of the three top online poker sites, Absolute Poker, Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars.

This group of professional online poker players have now joined the list of unemployed Americans, as this list continues to grow.

The worst of it is the waiting period, and for those who have accounts with more than one of these poker sites that were indicted it is a troublesome ordeal. For those players who had their accounts with PokerStars, some of them might be getting paid since that is the only site that has been processing some of the payments that have to be returned rightfully to the players. It might be months before either Full Tilt Poker or Absolute Poker pay-up and players might have to start accepting that they would never see their money again.

Several professional US online poker players who only made money from playing poker, including students and people who run private businesses that did not do well in the markets have been depending on online poker for their incomes. Some people have gone as far as to quit their actual line or work in order to learn to become a professional poker player. Those who have done that recently would be facing dark days since it takes time before playing the game actually brings back returns in benefits. Indeed, it would seem like those players would have to go back to their previous careers or take up something else in order to maintain their lives.

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