One of StarCraft’s star players Michael Jordan has decided to give up StarCraft in favor of poker. A gambling website called Kotaku reports that Lim Yo-Hwan, who hails from Korea and is among the most successful players of StarCarft, the real-time strategy PC game, will no longer participate in video game competitions. The StarCraft player, who is widely acclaimed as “SlayerS_’BoxeR” or just “BoxeR,” has expressed his desire to leave Starcraft and play only poker.

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A week after he announced that he had decided to play full-time poker, a TV reality show introduced him as a poker pro. Yo-Hwan will begin his new poker career by taking part in the World Series of Poker (WSOP) and the Asia Poker Tour (APT) of 2014.

According to the former StarCraft player, there are several similarities between Texas Hold’em and StarCraft. South Koreans considers StarCraft as “the Cadillac of online gaming,” and to gain success at playing StarCraft, players are required to develop the skill of reading opponent behavior and anticipating their moves.

Yo-Hwan isn’t the first professional player to give up his game in favor of poker. BoxerR’s source of inspiration is professional poker player Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier, who began playing poker after achieving a lot as a StarCraft player. Grospellier had finished first in the Euro Cyber Games held in 2003 and second in the World Cyber Games held in 2001. reports that, ever since he left StarCraft for poker, ElkY has won as much as $10,430,260 playing live poker tournaments.

However, playing poker will be more challenging for Yo-Hwan than it was for ElkY because the competition in the poker world is not the same as it was eight years back. Games are tougher and more difficult to win, but it will be interesting to watch Yo-Hwan’s progress. Besides, BoxeR has a physical problem that might stand in his way to poker success. He says: “The main problem is the spinal pain. There’s an inflammation, and there is pain in my wrists, waist, neck, and everywhere.”

Yo-Hwan has been very successful as a professional StarCraft player. He has to his credit an eSports record of 416 losses and 548 wins and has earned as much as $500k every year. He was also given a place in MTV’s “Ten Most Influential Video Gamers of All Time.” In addition, the readers of ESReality, a gambling site, had voted him as the greatest player of all times.

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