The US Poker Players’ Alliance (PPA) is delighted that Full Tilt Poker players from all over the world will finally get back their money thanks to a recently finalized deal between the US government and Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars, but has urged the US federal government to legalize and regulated US online poker at the earliest possible.

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According to the terms of the recently finalized deal, PokerStars can acquire Full Tilt Poker assets from the US government provided it pays back Full Tilt Poker players. While the PPA is delighted to poker players will finally get back their money, it brings the attention of the poker gaming community to the fact that US poker players have the right to play online poker from the comforts of their home in a safe, regulated, and legalized online gambling environment.

John Pappas, executive director of PPA, said, “Thanks to PokerStars, PPA expects that tens of thousands of innocent American poker players will now have access to more than $150 million that has been kept from them for over 14 months. We applaud that the parties made a process for the restitution of the players a central component of the agreement, and appreciate the government’s commitment to the fair treatment of the players.”

A major chunk of the poker playing population in the US held the DoJ responsible for the events of Black Friday, owing to which they were unable to gain access to funds locked up within their Full Tilt Poker accounts for over one year. But the DoJ has proved that it is concerned about players’ welfare by prioritizing the reimbursement of players within a specified deadline followed by the acquisition of the beleaguered Full Tilt Poker. In fact, Groupe Bernard Tapie’s move to acquire Full Tilt Poker turned out to be a failure because the US government insisted that players should be paid back within 90 days, something that the French investment company could not agree with.

Pappas said that the PPA will continue exerting pressure on federal lawmakers to provide America’s online poker players the freedom to play their favorite game and the consumer protection they deserve by enacting proper online poker laws.

Recently, Senators Harry Reid and Jon Kyl had agreed on a federal poker bill that has the power to legalize and regulate online poker at the federal level, but the two senators are still trying to get the required support.

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